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I am curious is youur son who was tongue tied the one with autism? I have four boys. My oldest has autism and he was tongue tied. We got it clipped when he was 8months old, luckily my mom is tongue tied and we knew what to look for. He started to say simple one words at age 7mths. after we got his tongue clipped he stopped.. He then started services for speech, which grew into a PDD diagnosis and now a Autism diagnosis. I am concerned my youngest, now 9mths old, is severly tongue tied. Would you think there could be a link between tongue ties and autism?

yes, I only have one son. I don't think something physical like that would "cause" autism. Autism is about brain function, whereas tongue-tie is a physical trait. I do think that it complicated Jake's atypical speech development - it caused him to not articulate well, and perhaps caused him to try less, if that makes sense. But there's so much more to autism than speech development.

I would say get any tongue-ties clipped as soon as possible, but that's just me - a doctor would need to help you make that decision.

hope that helps. thanks for the comment. :)


Hi, I was wondering if Jake's eating improved once he had the tongue tie operation? We were told that my son Jesse's frenulum was a bit short but he wasn't tongue tied so he didn't need an operation but he may need a little bit of help with speech but probably not. Like you, I didn't think about it again as the Doctor said that he wasn't tongue tied. Jesse did have speech therapy but it wasn't until recently when he turned 5 that his fussy eating habits became worse. He started spitting up even his favourite foods like peanut butter sandwiches and started dropping favourite foods. We are now down to BBQ chicken and chips. He has just started seeing a Speech Therapist who specialises in feeding but I am wondering whether he may have been more tongue tied than we were lead to believe? Can you tell me whether Jake was a fussy eater and weather he couldn't eat certain foods at all and weather he just wouldn't try new foods? Jesse has never eaten fruit or vegetables (except disguised). Does this sound like tongue tie to you? I need to find a good ears nose and throat specialist. Thanks

Melissa, the surgery did wonders.  The biggest thing was that Jake was gagging on what he tried to eat.  Because his tongue couldnt move all around his mouth, and thus get the food properly chewed before he tried to swallow, he often tried to swallow pieces that were too big.  And because of this, he gagged, and then was afraid to eat certain foods - and definitely new foods - from then on.  Have you ever had food stuck in one of your back teeth and stuck your tongue back there to try to get it loose?  Move your tongue around to your various back teeth a bit, then think about how it would feel to have something stuck if your tongue couldnt reach it.  We have to be able to move our tongue like this when we have a mouth full of food!  I think we really under-estimate how much we depend on the free movement of our tongues!

Jakes eating has improved dramatically.  He is still reluctant to try new foods, because that defensiveness carries over for a long time.  Hes also a bit naturally picky like his mama!  But he NEVER chokes or gags anymore, and hes much more likely to try something because friends are trying it.  (Not necessarily because mom asks him!)

I hope this helps?  I know its different for every kid and Im certainly nothing but a mom who went through it - but my experience with doctors is that they tend to minimize our concerns until were so fed up we demand action!


we're in the UK and currently fighting with Drs over our son's tongue tie.

it was noticed at 10 days old, we had been struggling to breast feed. to be honest, if I hadn't fed his sister to over a year, I would have given up. I was determined to manage though.

by the time we saw a dr who could treat him, he was feeding well, and the dr decided it wasn't too bad and to leave it.

he is now 4.5 and we have noticed problems with his speech, he retches if he eats anything that needs serious chewing, or pieces of food which are large (i.e. more than an inch of food). he will often retch and do an enormous belch, whilst he is eating. he retches if he has a cold and has a coughing fit.

I'm sure that it's to do with his tongue. so we went to see an ENT specialist at a very well known children's hospital in the UK, and were told that tongue ties CANNOT cause any of the problems I have noticed. I tried to get J to show the Dr that he cannot put his tongue out as far as normal kids can, but the Dr told me that he thought J's tongue is normal, except for the tiny split in the end. (let me tell you though, J cannot push his tongue out further than a quarter of an inch at most, unless he opens his mouth, drops his jaw and pushes it downwards).

I'm furious because the Dr basically said I was being stupid.

He has referred us for a barium swallow xray tomorrow, just to see if he has swallowing problems, but I don't think it would show anything unless he was given a barium cheeseburger to chew!!

we're seeing speech therapy the day after so I'm hoping they will be of more help.

but it's good to see that I'm not the only one who has had this problem, and hopefully I'm not actually being crazy, and that if I can get someone to just snip that frenulum, I might be able to get somewhere.

I just want him to stop retching, gagging and belching when he eats, I want him to be able to lick an ice cream like a normal person, and to be able to learn to speak properly and say THankyou, or stop getting into trouble at school, learning to read because he cannot make the sounds properly.

Our son has his tongue clipped the day after he was born. They saw it and they knew it. But he's still having trouble with speech and at times swallowing/chewing. He's 5 now. We have meet with a speech teacher once for an evaluation when he was 3 who dubbed him "normal" untilhe turned 5and to check back then. Hoping we get somewhere this time.

I'm glad I ran across your post. Your story sounds so much like mine. My son too was tongue tied at birth, doctors missed it I breast feed him for a whole year very painful. I also took him back to the hospital after birth complaining about it. The lactation consultant just said he was a rough breast feeder. Also I saw my obgyn showing her about the lump on my nipple she just dismissed it. Now I know that it was a sign. i had a lump from the way he was breast feeding. His speech as improve after the surgery which he had right when he turn 5 years old. He is now able to use his tongue properly, before he wasn't able to lift it, pull it back etc. My son too talks quickly and seems to mutter. But he can make the sound clearly when reminded. His tongue comes out a lot when he says certain sound which cause his speech to not be so clear. I'm now looking into getting orthodontist treatment. His speech therapist has a co-worker who's son had a problem with his tongue coming out when he was yound and some orthodontist help fixed his problem(I will found out more Monday from the coworker who's son is now 22year old.) Just wondering if anyone else has looked into this or tried it? Thanks for any help Crystal

My Grandson who is 4 years old now is Autistic with a Tongue Tie. He had no problem eating, only gags when he stuffs his mouth too full. He has not spoken a word to this day except for certain sounds he makes. I've always been wondering if it is possible to fix his problem with the Tongue Tie. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I will surely talk with the Doctor and hope they can help my Grandson.

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