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Help us with Piracy Reporting!

Previously this post talked about how you can get a reward for reporting piracy to us.  I've decided to change this policy and no longer offer rewards.  While it has served us fairly well in the last half a year that this blog has been here -- it helped raise awareness, gave people motivation to speak up -- I feel it is no longer necessary.

Word has spread about this blog, and about the general concept that sharing digital kits is wrong -- it makes me so happy to see all the Stop Piracy graphics on message boards, websites, and blogs.  I love that so many designers and scrappers are all standing together in this fight to make it stop.  We hear from SO many people, about SO many groups . . . at this point it's just about doing what's right.  About banding together and standing up for the integrity of our industry, and respecting our designers enough to not put up with people stealing from them.

We very much appreciate each time you are able to report an issue that arises. Email us at stopdigipirates AT gmail DOT com with any information you have about the piracy groups.  Your identity will be protected by us, the only people with access to this email will be AmyG and Jen.  We promise that we will not discuss your identity with anyone.  The information you provide to us will be passed along to the designer(s) effected by this file sharing and they will be the ones to report the violation to the service.  If you can, forward the e-mail in question to us.  If it's not an e-mail, specific details we will need you to provide us with are:

1. The designer name and kit that is being shared (if known.)

2. User name of the person who is sharing the files.

3. The service being used (i.e. google, yahoo, grouper etc.).

4. The actual web address for the link.

5. If possible an actual screenshot of the webpage you found the share. 

If you only have pieces of this information, please forward that to us too as more investigation could provide the rest of the information we will need to have this link removed. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to help us in this effort.

~ Jen


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