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July 08, 2008


Sandi p.

Do you mean this new baby is "your" daddy's 1st cousin's child, or Jake's daddy's 1st cousin's child? Kinda confusing the way you wrote that...but here's a link that might help you understand better.

It's been explained to me before, but I can't actually understand enough to help you...sorry! :0)

At any rate, congratulations with another child born into your family.


I think she's Jake's 3rd cousin. The new baby is Lou's 2nd cousin (since she's his cousin's child). Likewise, Lou's cousin is Jake's 2nd cousin.

It's weird. But there it is.


OK: Jake's Daddy - First Cousin (FC).

Jake and FC's child are second cousins.

Jake's Daddy and the new baby are 1st cousins, once removed.

This? Is a Jesuit education at work. How exciting that I (like you) am still getting dividends while I am still paying the loans!

Baby is beautiful, BTW.


I'd go with 3rd cousin! New baby - YAY!! Aunt Julie looks very proud ;)

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