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September 28, 2006



Poor Jake! Where is he having the surgery? Ella's ear surgery was through B*aptist and we were really happy with them. I was so worried about her being put under (they used the mask) but she did fine and really has no memory of any of it. The nurses were nice and they let her sit in one ladies lap while they put her under.


P.S. Has your GA countdown begun? Tonight's the night :)


Sean was severely tongue tied when he was born. Thankfully he had it done as a baby with his second surgery. They say he would not have been able to talk if not done it was so bad. His lips were also attached firmly, he fell and unattached them himself when he learned to walk. He saved the insurance about $10,000! Good luck!


Ouch!!Sounds like it'll be a little tough afterwards! The mouth is a sensitive area. But Jake is a trooper, I'm sure he will do well!



I'll be thinking of Jake. Nathan and Elijah have both had this done and recovery was very quick. Angela and her sister also had the same procedure when they were children.

Take Care,


I'll be thinking of you both on the 11th, hope it all goes really well. Maybe Jake can have lots of his fave icecream for a while afterwards?? :)


Will be thinking of the Jakester on the 11th sweetie. Hope it goes well for him and you!

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