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September 23, 2006



Awesome post! Grey Anatomy is awesome!


Just wait until next week, you'll have atleast 3 more to add to your list!


I think you quoted them word for word, you're a little crazy ;-)
All moments listed are great, I really think it's hillarious when they call Addison the "she-Shepherd."
And when Cristina is recovering and she doesn't want to be touched, but Burke holds her while she sweet ;-)


Wow! Awesome Moments!! Almost make me Warm & Fuzzy and totally SCREAMING for eppi 2! Ohh In Which I totally get to force my Marine to watch...this is going to be fun..I drive 8 hours to see him on thursday...the conselation for doing so? He MUST watch Grey's Anatomy with me! hehe..


Loved this post!! Just what I needed this morning.

I just love Dr Bailey esp the episode where she gave birth (George was sooooo good in that one). She's hilarious.

They took the show OFF this week and replaced it with some football award show, can you believe that?? I was beyond furious!


Umm..I like the show and all but I think I will leave the quotes up to you GA master :)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Callie isn't super skinny or even particularly pretty!


LOVED this!!!!

I think Callie is pretty, am I weird? lol


Loved your post! My favorite moments?

When Burke asked Cristina why she was "in the line" and Cristina's was like "do I need to be in this line?" and so on. Whole epi was great!

Merideth having to carry around a penis all day and explain it to everyone.

Bath tub scene where Mer/Der decide to be happy and shiny.

Any episode with Denny!!!

George and Bailey when she was giving birth. Grey's perfection!

When George need a shot in his behind and Izzie, Mer and Cristina pull away the cutains and start commenting on what a cute butt he has.

Those are just a few of favorites, plus every single one you listed! glad to know that I'm not the only one who is totally ADDICTED to Grey's!

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