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August 20, 2006



You are doing AWESOME girl!!!!

I got ya beat girl, I look 7 months pregnant for some reason lol, just kidding!

But seriously dude, when I am not pregnant, my weight is in my stomach as well and man I LOL ed at your last statement, I will take weight in my stomach any day over all of it somewhere else! :)

Sandi P.

I hear ya, girl!

How much have you lost thus far, if I may ask?


Dude, my weight is all in my butt. No fair poking fun at the big butt girl.


I thought you were getting all serious and then you end with this:

"But the more I people watch at church or the mall or Walmart . . . damn, I'm just glad all the weight doesn't go to my ass."

I love you, Jen! Keep up the great work, sweetie.

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