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August 25, 2006



yep, have to say that bomb episode was crazy. This will be the next series we netflix!


Oh I love GA too! Except here we are MILES behind and have only just seen the bomb episode. That's season one right? I'm loving reading your descriptions of upcoming episodes :)

My fave is Dr Bailey - she is hilarious. That same episode where she gave birth while her husband was almost dying was so powerful. And George was GREAT.


Hey Jen!!

It's been a while since I've commented, huh? Sorry about that! I finally bought the first season of Grey's on DVD last week and have been watching the episodes over and over!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I'm super excited about season two coming out because there are a lot of episodes I didn't see. AND, of course, I'm EXTREMELY excited about season three!! I'm torn because I love Meredith with McDreamy, but I do love seeing Chris O'Donnell on there!! Damn, the waiting is killing me!!! Anyway, I'm so glad that you love Grey's as much as I do!!! Talk to you later, hon!!

Love ya,
Andrea (c:


I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with this show! That scene with George and Mer is just so wrong, even though I understand why thy did it. The thing with Izzy at the end I can't even watch it any more she went loony tunes, I cna't even see where they're going with that...
Any idea's?


Jenni --

I think it's sweet that George loves Mer so much. And on the writer's blog they talked about how it HAD to happen, so they could move forward. So I get that. But yeah, the first time you see it you kind of have to freak out. LOL.

The Izzy thing, I think they've been building up to even since season one. She's always getting fussed at for being too emotional and getting too close to her patients. And remember, no matter what -- conflict drives the plot. The plot always has to be moving forward, and they have to mess with the characters for that to happen!!! LOL.

It's so great to see so many other people obsessed with the show, too. LOL.

And Andrea? Yeah, you always HAVE been in love with Chris O'D. What's up with that?! ha ha.



Oh yeah, I am watching tonight's show as I type this! LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE George and McDreamy the most :) For very different reasons lol :)

GA and AI will be the only shows I watch this year.

One reality show and one drama lol.

Gotta balance it out right? lol

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