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May 17, 2006



Lovely pages. I've wanted to do a scrapbook as a gift for my Mum, now I'm inspired to do it. OhMyGosh, I had that same blue-checked sleeper from Target for Gav, and it was my favorite thing, along with the 'bubble' print that came in the same package.

Enjoy your visit, and I hope you're doing well health-wise.


That is so precious! I can't believe how much Jake has grown!!
You are very talented Jen and I know your mom will treasure that scrapbook, always.


I just love the pages Jen! LOVE THEM! I really need to get my act together and LEARN dsb!

Like NOW!!!!!!!!!

Have a great and safe weekend hon and hope you aren't as tired next week as you think you may be.

Traveling with little ones is HARD, boy do I know.

Love you



PS How many hours in the car/air is it?

PPS Sorry the new med is making you sick, hope it gets better. I will be right there with you when I am not pregnant anymore.


PPPS I swear this is my last comment, preggo brain going on right now...

GREAT job on the no sugar thing, WOW.


Jen, what a wonderful gift!!! I bet your mom will love it!!! Sorry I've been MIA lately...I have no excuse, really, other than pure laziness! My wonderful husband did get me a new digital camera a few weeks ago, though! He suprised me after work one day with a new Cannon 30D!!! I LOVE IT!!! It's amazing! We're going to one of the other islands next weekend and will have a chance to really see what it can do!! Yay!! Anyway, I promise to do some more catching up on here over the weekend! Love ya, hon!! Have fun on your trip...I know you will! If you get this in time say hi to your fam there (the ones that have met me, anyway!) for me!!!
Love ya,
Andrea (c:


Hope you have a great weekend away, Jen. Sorry the meds are making you sick :(

Those pages are just beautiful. Your mom must have been thrilled with her gift!

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