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May 16, 2006



I am so glad you wrote about this today! I Love this show, I am obsessed with this show! I so wish they would update the writers blog soon, I'm going crazy!


It IS going to be a LONG summer!


Best.Show.Ever. INDEED!!!!!!!


OMG Sun and last nights episodes were just AMAZING!

I have to say DITTO to EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO SAD about Denny. I LOVE George and McDreamy, HOT DAMN!

Kevin and I watch it every single Sunday night! We love it. We missed the beginning and hope to catch the beginning on DVD! I think we missed the whole first season! Not sure when we caught it.

But yeah I just LOVE it!

That and American Idol. lol.


They showed Season 1 here but it's been off air for a while now. We are so far behind the rest of the world LOL. Looking forward to more - I love the show too.

Sandi P.

I've watched bits and pieces of the show. I don't normally watch too many series type shows on a regular basis. Darn TV is on too much already at my house. :)


:::wiping tear from eye:::

(not really)

But DUDE this was the best review, EVAH.

Well done, my friend. You got me all worked up as if I was watching it all over again. It was gooooood, wasn't it?

I think I might just go rent Season 1 to tide me over....I missed a lot of episodes but every time I tune in, I LOVE IT!

Tricia S

yep. i totally agree. it is THE BEST EVER!!!!! i absolutely love this show. my fave. *sigh* love all the characters ...just perfect writing. its just brilliant. cant wait til fall!!


OMG!!!!!!!! I just recently fell in love with this show, too!!! Like you, I was always watching DH and then my sister-in-law told me how much she loved the show! I watched one episode and totally fell in love!!! AMAZING!!! I completely know what you mean about it being a long summer!!! ;o) I want her to be with Derrick, but I do enjoy watching Chris O'Donnel!! Time will tell!!!

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