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November 28, 2005



(((hugs))) I am sorry hon. Does it make it any better that my weekend was horrible too? lol.

Missed seeing you this time around. I am just so glad last week is a thing of the past, even if K is gone all week. It sure beats the poop and vomit lol.

Trying to make you smile :)

Love you. Anxious to hear what happened.

Thinking of you



Consider this an email hon. My email is WAY JACKED UP today, I can receive but can't send too well. My email seems to only get effed up when Kevin is gone. Nice luck huh?!

Obviously, my comment above is TOTALLY sugar coated. It was the WORST Thanksgiving of my life for far too many reasons. One big one being the trip to see you all being cancelled.

I am still angry, pissed, sad, depressed, frustrated, annoyed, and totally heart broken that it didnt happen.

November can't be done with fast enough.

Please email me and let me know what else happened, other than the obvious of me not being able to come down. I am guessing I am one of those people you mentioned in your entry about not hurting but please email me.



Sorry it was so bad for you. Sometimes we get lemons, but just have to go for the lemonade.

I think I've topped about 2K pix for the week and am grateful for all of Robert's and my family and friends.

Let me know if you got all of the pix. For some reason, I thought a disc was left behind. (there should be two)

Thanks for autographing the cover of your magazine. I will save it for posterity's sake, and who knows? It may even be worth money one day! ;-0 (Not that I would EVER sell it!)

Hope your week gets better.


So sorry you had a bad weekend hon, Jake too by the sounds of it - poor little guy :( Hope things are looking up now. Email me when you get a chance.

Sandi P.

Please email me Jen. I want to hear all your rant about your sucky weekend.

That's what friends are here for!

Let it all out, hon! :)


I hope that things are getting better. Sorry to hear that you Thanksgiving was not the best.


Just checking on are you and Jake doing?

Hope you got my email this am, the short one....

Love you Jen


PS This weekend I am going to attempt to take Xmas pics of the boys for the card, will email you this weekend or Monday if I get any decent ones :)

Thank YOU!


((((Get well soon Jake and mommy!))))))

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