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October 28, 2005



well definitely not the middle one. It's way too fancy for the words.


I disagree, while my first pick is #3 because it is more whimsical and fits well with playfullness of kids, I like the second one also. It has more of a fancy look which if I were sending this out to alot of family members I would consider #2 since it looks more professional.
But I really like #3, I think its the cutest, and with such a cute kid as Jake, I would go for cute lettering as well. :-)


2 and 3 are my faves, depends on whether you want it to look fancy and professional or fun and kidish!


well I'm standing by my no-#2 position..."y'all" is so casual, I don't think it fits with that font. However I do like #3 the best. And Jake is of course so so cute.


#1 is very generic. Nice, but ... #2 is better... very Fall themed. For some reason, I think that style is the "Fall Font". You see it everywhere for Fall things.
#3 looks like a kiddo font... goes really well w/ the pics.

Sandi P.

My opinion is for #3; for it's "kiddish" feel.


Well, after much consideration, I like #3 the best! I agree that #2 does seem to have a "fallish" feel to it, but for the wording and the cuteness of the Jakester, I think #3 fits best of all!! That's just me, though! Can't wait to see which one you pick! (o:


I'm going with #3. It's actually quite perfect.

What a cute boy, by the way. I'm glad you enjoyed your extra time with him this week.

Hope you have a great weekend!


No. 3 is my fave, the font really suits the pictures. Very cute!


My vote is #3 also! (and, the apostrophe goes after the "y" in "y'all".)

Love ya!


LOL -- thanks, Cara!!!! Bonnie W. e-mailed me to tell me that, too -- I'm such a total dork, I didn't know that! Thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out to me, both of you! ;o)

Looks like #3 will be the one I use as the example for the mag bonus -- and thanks to the beauty of digi-scrapping, I can change the y'all goof up very easily!!!



I really like the look and "feel" of #3.


- I can't wait to read Lou's entry about their fun day together.


- Can't wait to see the mag tomorrow!

Pink Stuff!!!!

Hey there Jen!

Hope I am in time to save you from a SPQ faux paus..... Y'all is the proper spellin' (short for You all) Now I know this is petty, but I felt it as my SPQ duty to let Y'all know........

I actually like the first font. Nice, bold, crisp and clean. Doesn't take away from the striped design in the card.

Y'all have a fabulous evening!
LOL, Pink Stuff!!!
(aka Jen's Big Sis)


Number 3 is my fav!!! Love this and congrats on the mag, you must be sooooo excieted jen!

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