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September 20, 2005



I *love* the picture of you and Jake together! I just can't get over how cute it is. I think you've inspired me to do the same thing for Christmas for Brent. :)

You talk about how polite and well behaved he is, and you know what? You can tell just by LOOKING at him that he's a good kid.


Priscilla can back me up here, that I work VERY HARD on his behavior. It's something we talk about every day, and I don't let much slide. The funny thing is, though, I hardly have to correct him at all (for public behavior) because he knows what's expected of him.

Now at home, there are times I think he's insane. But everyone's entitled to a break-down or two a day. heh. Now if I can just get him to SPEAK to people aside from me and my mom, we'll be good to go.



He is one handsome guy! Happy Birthday!

I need to send you an email, but can't find your address. I also need to pay you for helping me. I have spaced out. Sorry about that!



pagesbyjen AT juno DOT com



Awww, I just love that 1st photo of Jake, what a gorgeous little boy he is! The photos are all great, he did so well. Jake is so well behaved, I think that's wonderful. Great job mommy! Sounds like you both had a great day on his birthday.


Love the pics and SO glad he had a wonderful birthday!!!!

I really love the first one that is a close up of his beautiful face and the one of you two together!


Glad to hear that Jake's birthday went well!! I love, love, LOVE all the adorable pics of him!! My favorites, though, are of the two of you (you look gorgeous!!!) and the close-up of the Jakester!! It's great!


The new pictures are adorable!!!

It sounds like you 2 had a nice day..I always take the day off on Ella's b-day too...I guess it is sort of a nostalgic day for me and I like to share it with her :)


Happy, Happy Birthday to Jake! What a cutie! It goes really fast, the time with them...For isntance, exactly how the heck did I wind up with a daughter in HIGH SCHOOL? I'm glad that you 2 enjoyed your day. On my kids' birthdays, we always start the day with me telling them the tale of their birth. So we don't forget anything.
Jan, thanks for you kind wishes when I was ill last week!

Sandi P.

Great write-up of his b'day Jen. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pics of your son (as well as you) with your cyberfriends.


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