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September 15, 2005



You should be PROUD!!! WHAT A DOLL!!!! LOVE THE PICS TOO!!!! Talk to you next week! Have a good weekend hon! We are going out of town!


Jen--I am totally ill but thinking of you & reading, just mostly feeling too crappy to commment. except your son is gorgeous.


Are my eyes playing tricks on me?! Was that LO there when I first posted?!

Love the LO!!! GREAT GREAT JOB! I especially love the three squares with the pics of you three!!!!


what are you talking about? it's been there the whole time?

HA HA, just kidding. I spent my lunch break doing it and thought I'd post it. ;o) See? that's why you always have to check back to see what else I've put up in a day!!!

love you, girl.



OMG What a day! I agree it's easier to attend weddings than to be a part of them. lol


Looks like it was a very pretty wedding (I love outside weddings)with a very sweet little ring bearer! And I bet you played beautifully despite the violinist's hiccups. Have a great weekend!


First of all, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that LO!! It's gorgeous! Secondly, sorry to hear the violinist pooped out on you. That's never easy when you actually have to stop in the middle of a piece due to someone messing up...been there, done that! Other than that I'm glad everything else went all right and I still Jake looks very handsome in his little tux! What a doll!!!


what a wonderful layout!! and the photos are super!!!


Oh its BEAUTIFUL!! i love it!!! :)what a great family photo. little jake does look so adorable in that tux! thankgoodness for thomas trains! we have put ours away but, im sure that they will be coming out again soon for laine :)

okay, i just wanted to tell you that i am such a wacko that this is the first time i have ever seen your "personal" blog..LOL i will bookmark it and be back :)

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