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August 31, 2005



Here's one explaination: Bush had his war, got the oil for all his petrol corporation buddies, and now we have to pay for it in order to pad their pockets.


I feel your pain, hon. The cheapest gas that we can use for my car here is currently $2.89 and it seems to be rising daily! Wish those scientists would do something soon! We're going to go into debt just trying to drive to work!! ;o)


It is SERIOUSLY KILLING US. We are fucking screwed and scared shitless. His 4 hrs of driving a day is killing us mentally, emotionally, and now fucking FINANCIALLY.

The price we literally pay for wanting to raise our boys near family.

Fucking sucks ass.

Sorry for all the cuss words, this topic gets me going.


Hi doll, maybe you can pay for your gas by publishing scrapbook stuff? It's 2.99 per gallon here for the cheapest grade & I know it sucks but gas prices raise (usually) so, compared to stuff like beer--anywhere between $35-$50 per gallon--it's cheap!
Seriously, I do appreciate that this is hitting everyone hard, but at least we have cars, and homes, and families and jobs. You could think of the folks down south and bet they wouldn't mind paying $3 per gallon for gas to go to work, if they had a job to go to or a home to sleep at anymore.



I knew all that but I guess I was having a mini breakdown when I wrote my comment. :)

I feel better now and know how blessed I am.


yeah, but you know what? there's a difference between being blessed, and our government fucking us. Does it bother anyone else that the people making our laws and running our government are a big majority of the people PROFITING from the oil industry? Doesn't that seem a bit STUPID??? Conflict of interest, anyone?!

Felicity, I do agree with you. I am heart-broken over the hurricane devistation -- I can't even IMAGINE what all those people are going through. But this is merely a piece of the bigger problem. Obviously all the gas issues aren't JUST because of the hurricane -- it's been absurd for the entire last YEAR.

And Kelly, holy cow -- I was thinking about you first thing when I heard about the gas prices. I think MY 60 miles a day is bad? (that's 40 miles to and from work, then picking up and dropping of Jake from mom's.) I can't imagine what you all are going through. :O(

it's just one big suck-fest.



Here I am, praying.... And not driving ANYWHERE.


HOLY FUCK. The Circle K across the street from [university] where I got gas yesterday for $2.75? This morning the price was $3.09, and TWO HOURS LATER it was $3.19. Fuckers.


Wow, Jen, you clearly struck a nerve with this post. Even thoough the picture of the sign is FUNNY. As anyone who goes to my blog ever knows, I am furious about our government and crystal clear on this: THE WAR IN IRAQ IS BEING FOUGHT FOR OIL. IT IS BEING FOUGHT SO THAT BUSH & HIS CRONIES CAN MAKE MONEY, PURE & SIMPLE. I am totally aware that our government is f*cking us, hard, in the ass, without benefit of vaseline. But the gas prices...they are a symptom of a MUCH MUCH larger problem.
Hope I'm not being a troll?!
You know I adore you, Jen.


LOL, FELICITY! The vaseline comment made my jaw drop, but it's SO hilarious!!!! I agree with you about the war, but I'm not going to get into how much I dislike Bush. ('Cause once I get started, I may not stop. So I won't start at all.) Oh my, though. That was HILARIOUS.

No, dear, you're not a troll. I adore you, too. ;o)



*banging head against wall*

Circle K has gone up ANOTHER 10 cents in the last two hours. What kind of crack are they smokin'?!!!!


10c in two hours? WTF??? Why don't they just up it by 1.00 or 1.50 for the day and be done with hourly changes?? C'mon, now!
*glad you liked the vaseline remark :-))*

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