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July 27, 2005



My wrist is feeling better!!! THANK GOD FOR DRUGS! ;0)

Totally cute about you and P!

Jen_Jake'smom (FOR KEL)

Kel --
I was thinking this morning about your problem of lifting the boys up . . . Jake is 40 pounds, too, and when I have to lift him over a baby gate, I straddle the gate, then lean over and grab Jake around the waist but he's kind of in the crook of my elbow. I used my entire arm to hold him against me, then I lean up and over the gate and put him down -- no picking him up involving the wrists at all. maybe if you did it that way, it would be less painful?



Found out this week that Nathan is actually 52 pounds!!!! And 42 inches tall! YIKES!!!!!

Doc isnt concerned though because he isnt fat, just HUGE!

Taking boys in back now, they are climbing the walls here and I am going CrAzY!!!!

Jen_Jake'smom (FOR KEL)

LOL. That is BIG! Jake is 41 inches tall. Sometimes I think he's a little freak of nature. (And I mean that in a very loving, mommy way.) heh. I get weird looks ALL the time when I tell people how old he is. I'm glad he's almost 3, then saying he's two won't be so weird. ;o)



OMG Your Jake sounds just like my Jacob. Is it totally just in the Jacob blood to tell you where to turn. It sounded like i had written that post. Maybe it is just a three year old thing. I am so glad i am not the only one. Thanks for sharing

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