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July 28, 2005



AMEN SISTER! I can so relate to everything you said. I do think my Mom and sisters keep me sane more often than not. NO ONE can listen to and understand me better than they can. Even Guy, I think. I have sought therapy in my adult life before when it got particularly bad and I felt SOOO down (and my family seemed so far away - which they are). But generally, they're my sounding board and I truly don't know what I'd do without them. :)

Wish they'd bring me Starbucks though. You got me there. ha ha ha


Very sweet entry about you and P! Definetly the BEST therapy in the world, free and friends! Wish I had my closest friends (including you) near me but since I don't, I know my phone calls with friends and my email and blog friends are my therapy. Oh and food. Bad Bad Kelly.


You think Jake and Elauna will be getting married someday? :)



Honestly? There are days when I totally wish that Jake would marry one of P's girls -- either one, I love them both!!! I love their entire family SO much -- built in great relationship with the in-laws!!! -- and I really admire Priscilla as a mother. I know that she is raising the girls wonderfully, and whoever DOES grow up to marry Elauna and Aowyn will be very lucky young men!!! What my main hope between Jake and Lana, though, is that through their relationship Jake will learn to respect and love women and really see girls as PEOPLE, not objects. I think their friendship is going to be a wonderful learning tool for all of his life. I also hope that Jake's friendship helps Lana's self-esteem and that she won't have to go through that stage as a teenager where you so desperately want a boyfriend because actually you want the approval and affirmation of a boy. Ya know?!




Cute, cute pic, Jen! They are just so adorable!! I'm really glad that you have such a good friend to turn to when you are down. I'm lucky to have my mom and Andy to listen to all my problems, although right now it really sucks to be so far away from my mom. She's always been the one I could tell ANYTHING to. *Sigh* Guess the phone thing will just have to do for now.


Jen, I felt the heart of this post intensely. I have struggled with depression since my teen years and I know I will always struggle with it for all my life. It is not a fun thing to have to live with. I can not explain how I feel to just anyone because they dont get it most of the time. Thank goodness, that my husband is there for me. While, i admit it, he doesnt quite understand it all the time either but he is there for me ...always! I admire your relationship with Priscilla. I have longed for a best friend most of my adult, all of my adult life. To have someone here, in person, that feels the same about me as I do for them. I pray that some day, I will get that. Cherish what you have and dont let it go. Hugs!


I'm there for ya girl! :-) I love you to pieces! Now, how bout that $80??? just kidding! I'll give you a discount, $30??? ;)

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