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June 29, 2005



CRAZY couple days for you huh? Will be thinking of you!
When you get a chance I have a couple questions for you about piano lessons for my little one ( will be 5 in Sept)
e-mail me when you get the chance. No rush. :)

Ps-- I am going to work on getting some of my scrapbook pages scanned and posted this weekend. :)


Booo! Sorry about the nose bleed. Give Jake a kiss from his TX girlfriend, Elle, who fell face first from a climbing toy into the playground rocks last night. It's a wonder she didn't break her nose or bust a lip. And I was literally standing RIGHT THERE. My cat-like reflexes must have been taking a cat-nap. LOL Lord help me.

Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend, ENJOY!


I hope you, Jake and your mom have a great time here at the Indy zoo. There is a great new dolphon exhibit that Jake is sure to love.



Have a safe and fun trip! Give Melanie hugs from all of us. Will this be the first time you've seen her since she was so sick?

Enjoy the holiday weekend. We'll be spending it with my mom and A's grandparents.

Many Blessings.


we saw Mel briefly at Thanksgiving, but we haven't seen her since. I'm excited about seeing her again! (Thanks for being so sweet and remembering her!!!)



Hey Jen! It definitely sounds like you're busy today, but your weekend plans sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see all the pictures you take from it! It'll be neat to see what all of Steve's family looks like now! I love to still think about when I got to go out there with you!! That was so much fun!! Now you need to talk your mom into bringing you and Kathy out here to visit me!!! (Jake, too, of course!!) ;o)


I hope you guys have a safe trip!! Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned



Sorry to hear about Jake's nosebleed. Not fun huh? The one and only time Ryan had one he went ballistic and kicked, screamed - absolutely hysterical (and this was at a friend's house....).

Have a safe FUN trip, can't wait to read all about it. Enjoy your time away!

Sandi p.

Have a safe and wonderful trip and have lots of fun with your extended family, Jen!

I'm off to do something very similar myself this weekend (sans DH & Zack)...

Happy 4th of July weekend to you!

Pink Stuff!!!!


Have fun! I know you will get lots of great pix. Say hey to everyone for me!



Jen, no worries about the blog reading, it happens to all of us! (me!) sounds like you are having a fabulous weekend!! cant wait to see the photos!!

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