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May 24, 2005



Jake is so cute! He has very beautiful eyes!

Jen_Jake'smom(FOR KRISTIN)

well thank you, my dear!!! ;o) He has my eyes, so I'm inclined to think they're beautiful . . . but they are so much more beautiful than my eyes ever were. Ok, psycho mommy moment over. ha ha! Thank you for taking time to comment!!!



Love the site and love the Jake-isms. I also think your layouts are just wonderful. Before the twins i used to love to scrapbook, now i just have no space and no time. But that still doesn't stop me from buying new products. You never know when i will be back scrapping again. LOL

Anyways just wanted to say HI.


Don't ever stop writing your Jake-ism posts. I absolutely LOVE reading them.

Seriously, that kid of yours is absolutely adorable!

Jen_Jake'smom(FOR KIM)

HI KIM! I know what you mean about space/time for scrappin' -- that's why I do so much digitally these days! I hope you find a little time to scrap soon -- if nothing else, keep up with the magazines so you can get lots of ideas for when you DO finally have time to scrap!!! ;o) thanks for the note.


Amy L

I'm with Nino on this one, please don't ever quit writing Jake-isms, they are too cute. What a little ham that kid is! Oh, and play-doh in the carpet? Yeah, it's still there, I couldn't get it out.


Hi Jen!
Thanks for the reply!
That is the first thing I notice when you post pictures of Jake, is his beautiful eyes. He's a heartbreaker at a young age already, you willl be beating girls off with a stick if not already.
You are also great with scrapbooking. I am new to it and all I have is a 12x12 and paper, that's it, I have no idea where to start, it's so overwhelming. Do you know of any good sites online for scarpbooking items and ideas?


Jen - Jake's speech is coming along amazingly well, isn't it?! Doesn't seem that long ago that you had some concerns about him not saying much. No stopping him now! He is such a cutie - can you put sound files on your blog??

Jen_Jake'smom(FOR KRISTIN)

hey girl -- I don't know if you've noticed my "Scrappin with Jen" blog (link is at top of left hand column.) There are only like 8 entries in it so far, but the purpose is to help out people new to scrapbooking. There is a links page on it with all sorts of places to look. If you ever have a specific question (like Andrea's latest comment), leave a comment and I will try to address it as soon as I can. I need to know what it is people want me to write about and I will tell you everything I know!!! ;o)

your compliments on Jake are so sweet -- every mother loves to hear stuff like that!!! ;o)


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