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May 05, 2005



I've looked over your scrapbooking site and some of your LO's. You are a very talented scrapper. To show this couple that someone other than them appreciated the life this child had, though brief and he didn't even survive the womb, why not make them a scrapbooking layout sans pictures in memory of this lost pregnancy. I think it might provide some comfort for them especially since they have probably been having trouble in this area for a long time.

Of course, I'm probably out of line in suggesting that this be done for this couple.


that is a sweet suggestion. I've been trying to figure out SOMETHING I can do, but not sure since the pain is so new for them and I don't know them really well. I think I'll see what happens in the coming weeks to try to figure out what would be appropriate.

thank you for taking time to comment. and thank you for the compliment. ;o)



Have mercy, Jen. What a horrible thing to happen. And poor you, you didn't know! What an uncomfortable situation. I think you handled it very well or as well as anyone could. :(


How heartbreaking Jen. I am sorry. :(
Thank you for both of my banners hon, you rock and I love you.


Oh jeez, the same thing happened to me a few years ago. My ex-husband's aunt announced she was pregnant at our wedding, after 11 years of trying. She was almost 20 weeks. Later that summer, at ex's sister's wedding, I went up and asked her if she knew the sex, and she started bawling. The baby had died sometime between 20-24 weeks.



Oh that's sad :( I'm sorry you had to go through that uncomforable situation but you handled it very well. I really feel for those people - I hope things work out for them.

Sandi P.

One of my close friends from church just miscarried 2 days ago. I spent a couple of hours with her at her house after church last night, just to let her know I was there for support if she needed me. I also took her a beautiful sympathy card. Situations like these are never easy! God bless that couple; and God bless you for handling the situation as best as you could.


Jen- I am so sorry you had to hear like that. Something sorta similar happend to me. I used to do hair. I had taken a break and then year or so later went back to my old salon. I had an old customer come back after she found out I was back. Well, I had cut her son's hair once. She was being very quiet and I was not too sure why. So trying to make conversation and asked her how her son was. She said, "I was hoping you wouldn't ask" ...."he died".........."Oh my God" was all I could say and "I am so sorry" I felt horrible. He and his girlfriend were driving to Canada or something and it was very late at night and she was asleep in the passenger seat and he too fell asleep killing them both. UGH!
So I can relate.

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