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April 26, 2005



AMEN! I am a register republician< BUT I am more a conservative Democrat. I agree with everything you have said. Tough and cheek for our government.
Have a great day!


As bad as it is in this country (I agree with some of the things you mentioned)...there is no other country where I'd rather live. We are blessed to be where we are. As a military family we have seen many things, and are so proud to be Americans with a strong president, even though we don't always agree with him. This comment from a strong Republican...

mom to Becca, age 4


Bravo Jen. I agree with everything you mentioned. It's a mad, mad world we live in baby!


Amen to so much of what you said...I have been wanting to blog about this topic for forever now but could never find the right words, thank you Jen!
I especially agree with the drug sentencing and the adoption/gay topic!!!!!!
I agree with a lot of things that Heather said as well.....


You hit the nail on the head!


AMEN to that!! :)


See, this is what's great about America! I don't agree with some of what you wrote, but hey, that's your right, and I respect you for putting it out there!

I think Heather is pretty much right on.

Oh, and PS- my insurance dropped coverage for ANY type of birth control. Um, yeah, 'cause a $25 pack of pills or a $200 IUD is so much cheaper THAN AN UNPLANNED PREGNANCY! The insanity.


Totally on the same page as you on all this, Jen!


I LOVE this post, I totally agree! I like all the new pictures you've added as well. Please e-mail me about a banner, I need your help!



We may be half a world away but a lot of the issues are the same in this country. Thanks for this post Jen!

Sandi P.

Late in commenting on this Jen, but I agree with most of what you're saying hon!

This world can be a crazy place sometimes (well most of the time actually!).


Well... I swear that's a mouthful I wish I had thought to spit out... glad to meet you i'm a blogging scrapbooking mom too! Don't meet tomany of you on the net tehse days but I'm just getting around to looking I like your site! gives me a few ideas on how to sprce up mine! Will keep reading - keep writing and maybe we'll keep in touch!

Raquita Jones

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