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April 05, 2005





Very nice, Jen.


That's great Jen!

Sandi P.

That's beautiful Jen!

BTW - I noticed you put on the girly chat board that you could help with HTML code for the paypal link...will you help me?

I feel so clueless!

Thanks for your help in advance!

Jen_Jake'smom(FOR SANDI)

Ok, I'll try to explain it quickly (off to a piano lesson in a minute . . .)

well, you are trying to put it in a typelist, so open one you already have -- like the sean one or the mood one. (To open the typelist, instead of adding a new item, select "edit an existing item.") Put your cursor at the end of the code that's already there in the existing item. If you want to start on a new line, type [p] (but use the carrots to the right of the M key instead of []). then type whatever you want the text above the button to say (like thinking of Holly, please make a donation to Holly, whatever), then just cut and paste the code that Becca sent you in e-mail. Hit "save and update" and open your blog to see if it worked. In the typelist configuration, the "display notes at text" box has to be checked, but for your two existing typelists they should be already.

If you want the words above the code to have LINKS, (like to Holly's blog like mine does) a simple way to achieve that is start a new blog entry and type what you want, then link it by highlighting the word you want linked, hitting the link button, and pasting the address in the box that comes up. When you have that the way you like it, click the tab at the top of the text box that says "HTML." This is the code for everything you've just done -- copy it all, then paste it in your typelist section where the codes go. Then just don't save the entry you started in, and it's all good.

Did that make ANY sense at all? If not, call or e-mail me tonight and we can talk about it. I'll e-mail you my #s.



Jen: Can I use the beautiful banner you made for Holly on this entry for my website. I'm donating my Google proceeds for this week to her family and want to make it a header so that people don't forget once I write a different entry. Email me. Thanks!

Jen_Jake'smom(for ALL)

everyone -- please feel free to take this banner if you want to display it. Thank you, Nino, for asking. What's mine is yours, people. ;o)



So beautiful, Jen. Thank you.


It's just perfect, Jen. I already said it on Kelly's blog, but you guys are amazing- all you're doing for Holly.

Hugs to you and the Jake-ster.

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