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April 29, 2005



You go girl! It's super cute!!! I wouldn't be caught dead in it. I don't even wear shorts. I bet it does look cute on you hon!
Love you
PS You do know I wouldn't wear it because I am too fat right? Not because I don't like it cause I do ;0)

Amy L

I hear ya, hot momma! It is so cute, I love skorts, love the security of having shorts underneath. And the color is great. Now you have to post a picture of you in it!


So cute! I'd wear it if my legs weren't so pasty white that they didn't strike a remarkable resemblance to the inside of a banana peel.

I always had the same problems in high school. Oh, wait. My skirts WERE too short. Hee hee hee.

Yeah, I admit it, I was one of those girls who changed clothes in the bathroom so my mom wouldn't know that I wore daisy dukes and halter tops.


Oops- take out that "didn't" between "they" and "strike."


Very cute~nice color too. i would feel naked in it! I could never do anything up past my knees...but I am mormon and everything has to be past the knee!


Hon, I will totally back you up on your attire! Especially when comparing you to most of the other girls in our high school, you definitely dressed conservatively!! I remember Mrs. D...she could be a bit Nazi-ish, couldn't she! ;o) And you know that I have the exact same problem about shorts and skirts looking a whole lot shorter when I wear them!! Yep, still have practically no upper body ...still all legs up to my neck! Andy says he doesn't mind, but it sure can be a pain when trying to buy super cute outfits!! You know what I mean?!

Sandi P.

Jen -- I need to look for me something like that...Target huh? Those skorts are adorable. I love to wear skorts/shorts in the summertime. Hubby tells me I have nice legs!

Have a great weekend!


That is very cute; I wish I had the confidence to wear it! So will you post a pic of you wearing it?! That colour is awesome with black, I bet you look very good in it :)


Hello! I've never commented before (& this has nothing to do with your skort), but I love your debt-o-meter! I kept a running log like that (on paper) and it really gave me a boost to look back and see the progress made over time. Keep up the good work!

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and read often.


While I can appreciate the need to vent about your husband online, your legs are awfully white (more than mine and I work at night), DEAR, and the skirt is pink.


look, guys, Lou has made his debut in the comments! ;o)


Sandi P.

LOL @ Lou's comment!


Hey Lou! I like your sense of humour already :)


Well, *I* think the skirt is quite cute. So THERE! :)

Um, could you email me at work (if you have it my work email addy...)? I am very VERY bad and have not gotten back to you about pics, I am SO sorry.

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