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April 25, 2005



DO NOT GIVE UP! Just keep submitting until you DO get published. Then you build upon that. You do great work. It will happen!!!


I am so sorry Jen. It is their loss without a doubt. You have undeniable talent with so much! Your pages are soooooooooo wonderful and beautiful. I love you and I agree with Nino, KEEP TRYING! DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!
Love you hon!


Aw, Jen - I am really sorry that your LOs weren't one of the ones chosen. I think that your attitude and outlook is wonderful! However, I can't help but echo Nino that there is no harm in continuing to submit (well, unless it just plain hurt you, and then, yes, you should just say hell with it).

Love you girl!

Sandi P.

Jen, to quote you on of your favorite sayings; when it comes to your scrapbooking talent, "it's ALL good!" You have incredible talent when it comes to laying out photos. I don't care what those magazine people say. And to quote another, Never, never give up!!


Hey sis! Sorry to hear about the contest. I realize your bummed, but you have definitely proven that you are an awesome scrapbooker just in the LOs you showed in this entry! Not to mention the countless other LOs that you've shared with us! You are officially my scrapbooking hero!!! ;o) I hope that someday down the road I can BEGIN to get my LOs to look just remotely as cool as yours do! And I say, if you ever feel the bug in you to submit more LOs, go for it. If not...that's cool, too!! Love ya, hon, and have a great rest of the day (week, too!!)


Awwwe Jen. I am sorry you didn't get picked. I think your pages are wonderful. I wish I had the patience to do pages like yours. Mine are all so basic. Like the others said--
Don't give up!!!


I'm sorry Jen. You ROCK and it's all THEIR LOSS!! Keep at 'em.

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