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April 26, 2005



How FREAKIN CUTE is that and are you?!?!!!
Love it!!!! Would you ever wanna do a banner for my anon blog by chance?
Love you

Jen_Jake'smom(for Kel)

*blushing* thanks.
of course I would! You know I'll do ANYTHING for you! E-mail me and we'll talk about it.



You are ADORABLE, Jen. I really love this page. Good job. :)

Jen_Jake'smom(for Nino)

no, I USED to be adorable, before I grew up. ;o) These are all pre-college graduation pics. (Although, when I was working on them, a maintenance guy came by and said "Wow. . . . It's a shame you're married." I said "Yeah, I used to be cute, you just can't tell anymore." And he said very plainly "No, I can tell" and then he walked away. heh. Nothing like an ego boost from a 45 year old black man! ;o)


Sandi P.

See, see! This is exactly what we were all talking about when we were talking about what a gift you have in developing layouts!

Awesome job, Jen!!!


OMG, so cute! You rock with that photoshop girl. You need to *ahem* 'teach' me how to use it...I mean if I had a copy...*ahem* I mean. ;)


That is just too cool. I don't know what else to say. I'm pea-green with envy over your Photoshop and scrapbooking talents. You've got mad skills, sister!

Amy L

Girl, you got skills! I love the combination of pictures, and the fun one at the top. You really are adorable, that 45 year old black guy was right!


This was great, Jen! I love it!! I recognize pretty much every one of these pictures! Hmmm...imagine that! ;o) Way to go, hon! You're so good at all this stuff!


Wow! You're SO clever and those photos are gorgeous. I can see where Jake gets his wonderful smiles and obvious love of life. Well done!


Just wanted to tell you GOOD MORNING HON!!! Sue said what I meant to say :) She is right, the pictures show your love of life, you rock hon!
Love you
PS Still thinking about that dl banner :)


LOVE IT!! that is what makes me like you so are you, regardless of what others think or feel. i admire that because sometimes i tend to do and say things just to please others. blech...i could learn so much from you!! ;)

Jen_Jake'smom (FOR TRICIA)

Tricia -- I do waver, from time to time, and I think "FUCK! what if people think such and such about me" but I always come back to the belief that I would rather people dislike me for who I am than like me for who I'm not. ;o)

Thank you for all your comments today. You are so sweet.


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