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March 23, 2005



Paul: Pauly-Wally. Pauly Woggin Puggin' and Pie, Pauly, Pauly-Wog.

Sean: Sean Bee, Seanie, Seanie Bonnie Boy, Wedgehead-Paul's nickname, Sweetie, Love bug,

Daniel: Dan, Danny, Bacon-Paul's nickname, Danny Boy, Sweetie, love bug, Sweetheart,

Peter: Peter Meater, Petey, Sweetcheeks, Stinky Pete, Pete, Chipmunk cheeks-Paul's nickname, Kitty Petey-he pretends to be a kitty, the list goes on.....for all of them!

Sandi P.

Zack - Zackarooski (his Nana started that one), Booh-booh

Aaron - Mouse (he LOVES cheese), sugarbear

I enjoyed this post~cute!!


Ryan - Rybo, bubby, doo-doo (!), champ (Daddy), seeky man (Ryan's version of Cheeky Man), darlin', bubs, baby.


I call Nathan, Nay Nay, Nathan, sweetie, sweetheart, uuuuummm
He calls me Kelly mommy sometimes but most of the time its momma or mommy :):) Cute post and pic!

Amy L

Hi Jen,

I am delurking on two of your blogs tonight! I got here from Kelly's blog. Just wanted to add my two cents about nicknames. My son's name is Logan & he turned 3 in January. He also gets called sugar booger. I called him punkin when he was a little baby, and also still use sweet pea or baby doll. He has been getting very upset with me lately when I call him baby. He quickly corrects me and tells me that he is a big boy now. Of course, he's Logan Matthew when he's in trouble. ;-) He's 'puppy' when he is acting like a puppy, which he does from time to time . . . Sometimes he's a bull-rider (riding on his horse on a stick) and then I have to call him cowboy. Needless to say, he has a very active imagination! :-P

P.S. Great job on the pic for your boss!


Brent hates it, but I call Brody a maggot. My mom used to call us little maggots when we were kids... I guess it just stuck. :)

Jen_Jake'smom(FOR AMY L)

Amy, it is GREAT to meet you! I'm so glad you de-lurked!!! I hope you'll keep stopping by!!!


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