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March 23, 2005



Totally creepy. You just can't take your eyes off them for a MINUTE. No "running over to so and so's house" or "riding bikes with joey from down the street."

My ex-neighbors had a kid on their street approached by a would-be kidnapper while he was riding bikes. They live about a 1/2 mile away where the nice, big houses are. You'd think they'd be safe. NO ONE IS SAFE. The slime ball tried to pull the old "your Mom told me to come pick you up." UGH. Makes me sick.


Taking deep, calming breaths here. This stuff makes me so creeped out. They are everwhere, we all need to be so careful. We don't even have databases or websites to look up over here! Something about their civil rights or some such crap. I would have no clue if some sicko was living right next door.


thanks for the link. There is a reg. sex offender just around the corner from my home....his crime?? Rape of a child. Upon further investigation (called someone I know who lives eerily close to this perv) I found that this guy is a middle schoole-aged boy. What is this world coming to.

Another creepy thing is that 6 of the people listed (and I didn't get through the entire list for my town) live within the vicinity of the elementary school I teach at....and we dont' bus our's a neighborhood school so they walk. Nice. I'm going to go and cry now.

Jen A

My state has a very detailed registry that I check periodically, but I've found that that detail makes it hard for the lay person to understand. I had to have my dad decipher some of the legalese for me. The other problem is that the database does a very poor job distinguishing b/tw the 18 yo guy who slept w/ his 16 yo girlfriend and the guys who did really bad things. But it's still a start, I guess. Thanks for reminding everyone.

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