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February 16, 2005


Sandi P.

You tell 'em, Jen!

Thanks for saying all the stuff we as parents want to tell other parents sometimes. "It is your job as a parent to protect other children from your child."

Love. it!!


Wise words Jen. I wish other parents would get the message, like M's sister who just sat there with half a grin on her face and let her 3 year old push, pinch and terrorise Ryan on Monday. I was the one 'parenting' her son, saying 'we don't do that', 'gently!' or 'no Matthew!' Grrrr.

I hope Z's mom got the hint. You got the message across VERY tactfully and very well IMO.



VERY WELL SAID JEN. I couldnt agree more!
Thanks for a great entry!

Analisa Roche

Found you on BE - love your site!


Hey Jen!
This was good! I especially liked the beginning! I had to take math AND history from At*r. Just like you, I didn't learn much at all during football season. Did you know he's the athletic director now and the head b-ball coach? Talk to you later!


Ohh I so agree with the parenting! I get so upset with my sister especially and her parenting or shall I say, nonparenting?? I love SuperNanny too! JoJo is a smart lately and while my kids are no where near these kids on the show, the show offers some great advice and techniques shall we need them.

Math? Just yuck! LOL

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