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February 09, 2005



How fun is that?!?! You always come up with the best ideas. I'd love the info on how to do it. :)


Sandi P.

So cool, Jen -- I'd love the info to do the pics on my blog as well...but I probably won't figure out how to do it ;), and will more than likely need some help.

Thanks for being so creative!


Very are very creative. How could I not love my picture...Holly is in it :)

I wish I could do this on my freebie blog...oh well!!

Love ya!


HA! There we are!! I'd love the info on how to do this.

What a great idea, Jen :)


Hrmph! I'm Kelly's best friend so how could I NOT be part of her "circle." Whaaah!


And I thought that *I* was Kelly's best friend!


That is SO cute! Great looking "circle" you got there. ;)


No, *I'm* Kelly's best friend LOL.

It feels good to be 13 again !


So cute Jen! Great job! So cretive!


How wonderful! I have seen this sort of thing before and always wondered how to do it, leave it to you girl to know how! And leave it to you, to be so willing to help others do it as well. I have always been honored, humbled and a bit embarrassed that you call it the Kelly Circle. Our circle of friends truly mean the world to me. It is one of the best feelings I have ever had, having all these awesome friends in my life. Its impossible to imagine my life without everyone.

I have always wondered about your little list Jen, like I think Nino, JenniF, JenniferD, Tanya, and VirgoJen are in our circle. But thats just me ;) Its your blog :):) You rock with all your ideas and help you always offer! Love you hon!

I would love to have these pics on my blog, along with the others I mentioned :)

And VirgoJen and Cara, you are NUTS! I love you both, so there!

And Sue, you crack me up! ;)

I love every last one of you, you all better know it, I dont care how cheesy I sound when I gush my feelings and emotions out :)

Love ya Jen!


hey guys --
mostly those in my 2nd list either (a) don't come my blog often, or (b) I didn't realize were mutual friends with several others on the list . . . but I really don't like them any less! Let me know, you guys, if you want to be picture listed in the Kel circle and I will put you right there! . . . as for VirgoJen, I would like to include her, but never did get around to getting her blog password. ;o) So dude, I can't get in to snag a picture! (Help me out, VirgoJen!) E-mail me and I will help you out. I'm here for ya, girls, 'cause I love ya and stuff.




Hey doll! I knew it was because of those two reasons, mainly because of reason B. You are too cute and funny!

Its all good, I am just a dork and like to include everyone, I know you are that way too, you just didnt have any reason to know about who was all friends with who.

Love ya!


LIKE COULD YOU...exclude a fellow scrapbooker! LOL! *ROAR*

I do come by often, like every day, I just lurk. ;)

I'll include you on my "special" list and email you the password! :)

Cara: I don't like taking sloppy seconds, but since Kel is so good, I'll think about it. LOL :)

Love you guys!


You are so clever! I wish I knew how to do all this cool blog stuff! For me, it's a miracle to get pictures posted. :) And even then, I need you to fix them 99% of the time. :)

I'll try to get a picture taken this weekend... after I get my hair done. :) Can't have a picture of my blond hair with 2 inches of roots. :D


I come by every day-- ;) Just dont post eveyday. Bad Tanya I know. ;)


Thanks Kelly!

I do come by your blog SEVERAL times a day, I am just really bad about posting since I read SO MANY blogs. Sorry!


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