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February 25, 2005


Jen A

That was all really interesting, Jen! When (notice I didn't say "if!") I hit my first "Is she developing ok?" feakout, I'll call upon you and your newly acquired expertise! :-)

Jen_Jake'smom (FOR JEN A)

girl, I'm here for ya!!! (it's amazing what you can find with good ole Google!!!)



Wow, that really is interesting stuff - thanks, Jen! I was seriously worried about Ryan's lack of speech, as you know, and a lot of what I've just read in your post is amazingly accurate for my little late talker. I'm sure you'll find that between 30 & 36 months, Jake's speech and comprehension will REALLY take off, just like Ryan's did. Jake is doing VERY well already and seems to show an amazing understanding of concepts. His speech will catch up and then you will yearn for a moment of peace and quiet LOL.


Thanks for the info! I have a 20 month old daughter that has a lot of "boy" tedencies. She was a very early walker, understands everything we say to her and is much more interested in building things and figuring stuff out on her own. A lot of people are pressuring me to put her into speech therapy (not my ped), but I feel she is simply a late talker.
Thanks so much for making me feel a lot better tonight.

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