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February 25, 2005



You know, Jake may never outgrow the fear of the vacuum. Not to be discouraging, but I have a 28-year old sister who is deathly afraid of vacuums. No kidding- if you run the vacuum up by her, she starts crying and shreiking. No joke. She's freakin' 28-years old, in the Army, survived a tour in Iraq, but she's afraid of a Hoover. Go figure. (She'd so kick my ass for telling people that.)


Those evenings with P & the kids sound like fun! The Starbucks & choccy cake sound even better. You're lucky to have a wonderful friend with kids that Jake can play with and grow up with.

So am I your 1000th commenter??!


This was so interesting to read as I have a late-speaking child. How is Jake's speaking progressing now?


hi! thanks for this question!

Jake is doing WONDERFULLY now. (9 months after I wrote this entry.) his speech has just exploded over the summer and the fall. my biggest questions to myself when I was trying to decide if he needed a professional evaluation were (1) is he making progress every week? are we moving forward? (2) does he understand what I am saying to him and can he follow those directions, and (3) does he FIND a way to communicate his needs to me, even though it might not be in complete sentences? and every week my answer to all of those questions was yes. Plus the fact that he is truly excelling in things like putting together puzzles, learning to use the computer on his own, recognising numbers, letters, and small words. Those things made me realize that a speech "delay" wasn't necessarily indicative of bigger problems or other developmental delays.

Right now the biggest issues I have with his speech are getting him to speak more CLEARLY, and to not be so shy with friends and family. Pretty much anyone aside from a select 10 people in his life just don't hear him talk because he's so shy! (Which, as an outgoing person, makes me insane!)

thanks for your comment!


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