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February 11, 2005



I am sorry hon! :(


Hey, that sounds like the time I decided to do "Fullfillment" orders when I was still working for the scrapbooking company. I thought, I can totally fold a sheet of stickers and stuff them in a bag for 15 cents a piece. I mean, how long could 1000 possibly take?

Sweetmotherofallthatisgoodandholy, it took both Brent and I ALL WEEKEND. In the end, we couldn't finish them all, we'd invested 12+ hours each in the project, papercut every freakin' inch of our hands, and got a pathetic $50.00 paycheck.


ACK!!! I'm so, SO sorry.

I hope it passes QUICKLY and you get the rest of the $$. Thinking of you!

Pink Stuff

Jen, I am so sorry to hear about your wrists. I think that most people, at one time or another, have experienced something like this. Mine was hemming 30 pairs of pants for $5 each many years ago. Whew!

Hope your wrist is feelig better soon!


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news hon...but once the carpel tunnel syndrome begins, there's no reversing the damage.

You may remember that I had the surgery at the end of the summer last year. I would do it all over again to stop the pain I went through.

A splint is recommended though for protection if you're continuing to type constantly.

My prayers are with you hon!

I hope you had a nice weekend,yes its 4 am as I type this, been up awhile.


I'm sorry about your experience with this Jen :( I've been caught in that trap too and finally realised that my weeknights/weekends are precious (as are your wrists too!). I hope this weekend just gone has been a good one for you.



First of all I am sorry about your wrists. I hope the pain goes away

Second you have me laughing here at are such a good writer and I can just picture the whole scene in my head. It's like an episode of I Love Lucy- Generation X style LOL.

Sorry the $$ wasn't worth it--we have all been there. I will keep this in mind next time I get the urge to stuff envelpoes from home for extra money



"It's like an episode of I Love Lucy- Generation X style LOL" -- my current favorite comments quote!!! You crack me up, Leslie!!! Good to hear from ya (slacker.) Actually, I'm the slacker, I still haven't written about our PP adventure. ;o)


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