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February 23, 2005



What an awesome entry Jen! I love the part when you say, "everyone is beautiful to someone" WOW! How powerful! You really are a classic beauty Jen. Your face is pretty all by itself. I remember years ago, a guy came up to me and told me I had the most beautiful face he had ever seen. I think he was serious, which is scary right now to me. I did look pretty hot back then, but still... lol... I loved the tall chubby girl with glasses, thats me! LOL! Only I do weigh more than you! Just so you know :)
You don't need a lot of make up to look good. But I guess lipstick never hurts huh? ;) Great entry!


Oh and a HAPPY girl is even prettier!!!! :):)


LOL, Kel. I don't think I'm pretty right now. I think I used to be semi-pretty before my face got so fat along with the rest of me (but I'm working on that. Trying to. Really.) But I don't think I'm BAD looking, I just think I'm average. I just think it's odd that random strangers think I am sometimes. But I think there's a lot more to someone than if they're pretty.

I do think, also, that the more you know and love someone, the more they become beautiful to you. I think Priscilla is gorgeous (and she thinks she's ugly), and when I told her the guy said that and I was like "o-k . . ." she said "but you ARE pretty!!!" Pretty is as pretty does, maybe?


Jen A

Oh, I am so picturing Sayid from Lost right now! :-D Neat entry!


JenA, that's actually who the Walmart guy reminded me of!!! I was thinking that the other day!!!



I like that: Pretty is as pretty does. And some lipstick and a genuine smile go a long way in my book. :)

It is always nice to have a compliment like that - really makes your day. Or week. Or year even.

When Veronica was 6 weeks old (remember how sexy you feel right after having a baby? NOT), I was driving her to show her off to my coworkers and some guy pulled up next to me at about 4 lights and finally asked for my number. He was smiling and waving and trying to get my attention since the 2nd light. I just was incredulous - I mean, here I was in postpregnant-fat-sleepless-eyebags hell and this guy (cute, by the way) in his pick-up was trying to pick me up. Unbelievable. But I would bet it was the happiness of new motherhood that shone on my face and he just saw the beauty in it.

Great entry, Jen.


Jen, you're beautiful, babe!! I always thought so in high school and I still think so now! Great entry!!


Oh! I meant to tell you that I found some old pictures from our sleep overs in high school...You know, the ones when we would dress up in each others dresses and pose for silly pictures!! I'm going to have Mom send me the albums and I'll e-mail you the best ones!! They are hilarious!!


Hi Jen - You ARE beautiful. I bet that made your day. Did you tell Lou?


What a great thing to brighten up your day! You ARE beautiful Jen - outside and inside. That's why we all love ya!

Someone once told me I looked like Princess Di (years ago, pre-baby and weight gain of course). That just about made my YEAR :)


*Note to self: Buy lipstick tomorrow.* Lipstick is far easier to come by than smiles these days...

Great entry. :)

Jen_Jake'smom (FOR ANDREA)

Drea --
yes, I totally remember those pictures. I LOVE THEM. They totally crack me up. You always made my weekends so much fun (well, you and Casey Sue -- have you heard from her lately?) I'd love to see your favorites. One of these days I'm going to start scrapping high school (kind of bogged down scrappin' Jake right now) and you know that you will be the star or a lot of those pages! We all miss you in an absurd way (me, Kat, mom), and we wish you would come visit us! Doesn't Tennessee sound better than Hawaii for spring? No? Well will you come anyway? ;o) LOVE YOU, SIS!!!
P.S. Mary is turning 28 next week! Wow!


"Everyone is beautiful to someone"....WOW...thanks for giving me something to think about on this dreary, cold, snowy day when I am feeling at a very low point as far as my appearance goes. Glad someone was kind enough to make you feel good!!


Actually I was thinking that all of you need to come visit Andy and I here!!! You know we would cover room and board (we have plenty of room in our apartment)!! All you need is the plane ticket and you can find some pretty good deals on those! Jake can come, too! One of our friends has a little daughter that he can play with!! ...Think about it!! :o)
As far as Casey...I heard that she is living in Billings now. She married Mitch S. from our class and they have 2 kids. We kind of lost touch the last couple of years of high school. It was one of those things where she constantly thought that I was after Mitch. Pretty sad because she was a good friend, but that's what happens sometimes I guess. It doesn't bother me now, but obviously I had a hard time with it then.
Anyway, Mom and Dad are coming down here next month for their anniversary and they are going to bring the photo books with them. I'll be sure to send my favs when I get them!! I know Andy is going to get a kick out of them!! Later!


Please be sure to say Happy Birthday to Mary for me!! Where is she now?

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