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February 14, 2005



Hey jen (it's me, Melissa, from the xmas card pic you fixed for me...)

I so totally agree with you on the commercialization of, like, EVERYTHING! Rick and I generally don't celebrate Valentine's day by buying flowers/candy, etc.either. We try to do nice things on a regular and spontaneous basis rather than by what crap is being peddled at Stuff-mart this week. (not that I am making any sort of judgement upon those who do partake in holidays in this manner..I'm just sayin' it isn't what we do)

I had to laugh a little at the lady at Safeway this a.m. when I stopped in to buy some tea...she was frantically taking down the Valentine's day display in order to unpack the boxes of bunnies and chicks for Easter...there is no end to the level of consumerism in this nation. Although, to be perfectly honest, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cadbury's mini-eggs and they are only out during Easter season, so I guess I should be thanking God for the gift of his Son as well as mini-eggs....

By the the 10 friend photos on your blog...I'm so jealous...I want to have a blog (sort of) so I can have a circle of cyber friends. :) Plus, I think you're very cool and I can relate to you in many ways. Oh, and also our sweet little boys both have beautiful eyes!!

Sorry to blab so much. I apparently didn't get much adult conversation today at work. :)


I love that picture of Jake, but then again I LOVE all pics of that cute little boy.
I know what you mean about V day, it is so damn commercialized and silly really. Kevin and I just usually exchange cards and thats about it. Its more important to me how he shows his love all year long than what he may or may not get me on the one day of the year ya know? I am probably making no sense at all right now, I am still sick and tired.


Kelly -- you always make sense (to me), and I'm always happy to hear from you. ('cause I love you and stuff.)

Melissa -- blab on all you want! I love hearing from you! I hope you do open up a blog eventually . . . but until then, come on by and write all you want here. ;o) The "Stuff-mart" comment made me laugh -- did you see the Veggie Tales episode with Stuff-mart, or is that just what you call all those places? ;o)


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