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January 24, 2005



Too cute! Thanks for sharing! God Bless you this week!


Loved the pics! I wasnt able to look at the videos, will try once Kevin is home, he has the magic touch to make it work lol
GREAT pics and update of Jake! He still reminds me so much of my brother when he was a toddler! :)
Love ya!


Lovely pics! I only ever get pics of the back or top of Ryan's head these days - he just will not cooperate at all. I just love Jake, he so cute & funny even when he's pitching a tantrum! Ryan can also open EVERY 'childproof' latch, cover and safety thingy so we've given up now!
Have a great week Jen.

Sandi P.

Adorable pics Jen and those 2 video clips are so cute!

Have a good week!


We have the same little knob thing. My boys just whack at it with something hard to get it to fly off in different directions! Cute pictures!!

Holly said hi!!


I loved the pics of Jake! What a cutie!! I cracked up at the coloring one! It looks as if Jake is trying to make a speedy escape!! It's great! I tried to watch the videos, but I'm on Colstrip internet...I guess that should explain it all!! I'll be sure to watch them once I get back home! Take care and say hi to Kat and your mom for me!!


What great pictures. You can probably guess what my favoriet is. The tantrum picture of course. :) I haven't taken any pictures in several days now... I need to get off my butt.


GREAT pics, he is a cutie! I'd love to meet him (and you). He looks so precious, and I love the tantrum pic!!

I can't hear the sound on the clips, but I'll try back later. I love these new features of sharing pics and sound! It is great!

Have a great day!

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