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January 20, 2005


Jen A

hahahaha. I was just coming here to check in, and I find a shout-out! Just trying to recover from our trip last weekend, get caught up on household chores, and keep E entertained. This afternoon, I'm taking her to get her 9 month portraits done.

I hope you feel better soon!


Here is the Url-- to that *other* blog of mine. ;)


JenA -- 9 month portraits? I can't WAIT to see them!!!



Shout outs are fun! :) I am still thinking about the pic for my bday, thanks hon! Yes, I am sure I will have a blast this weekend :)
I emailed you!


love Tanya 2 on blog roll ROFL!


Hey there Jen - I'm still around, I just get stuck in that 'middle of the week' work groove (you know how it is...) and can't think of anything interesting or fun to write about. Gonna update today though. Thanks for the shout-out :)


Hey woman. THanks for the shout out. Man, I feel important. :) Heh heh heh.

Thanks for fixing my pictures. :D

Pink Stuff


Good to get a 'shout out' from you. Don't worry bout the pix til you get a chance, it's kewl.

I just purchased another 256mb card for the camera so I'll be ready for the wedding. I actually saw a 1G card but for another make of camera. Whew! I would be in hog heaven. Or is that foto heaven?

Love Ya Dahlin',
Pink Stuff!!!! (aka Tutu Pink to Nathan)


Thanks so much! I feel the love! I can keep on going for round 200million ! tomorrow we know when this surgery will take place, if Ken doesn't decide to cancel this. He is having cold feet.
Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks for the shout out!


Awww Jen...You mentioned me by name!! I feel SO SPECIAL!! (not sure on having my own blog--I'm pretty boring, and I fear no one would be interested, but maybe next year???)


now, Melissa "Next year" is something you're allowed to say in the fall or Christmas season -- not January!!! ;o)



Hey Jen!
Thanks for the shout out! Yeah, I know it's crazy to come back to cold weather, but I didn't make it out for Christmas and Mom's turning 50! I wanted to be there for her big day...see what a good daughter I am!! I sacrificed my warm weather for her! I should get some kind of award or something!! ;o) Only kidding!! Talk to you later, hon!

Love ya,
Drea (o:

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