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January 20, 2005




Damn, girl! I didn't know you were so freakin funny! I am reading this practically with tears streaming down my face. You are hysterical!

Thanks for improving my day.

Bless you, girl!


Ha! Love the red shirt/blue shirt analogy. I'm really pissed that we aren't getting to watch AI over here. We saw it last year and the early episodes are hysterical. So many think they're the next best thing LOL. I just love the tantrums.


This was perfect!!! I absolutely loved it! I was watching this last night with my folks and I swear I gave a very similar speech to them! Sometimes while watching the bad ones I have to turn the channel for a few minutes because they are so completely off pitch that it literally hurts my ears!! I would never put myself through the kind of humiliation that those people go through and I've been told a time or two that I can carry a tune now and then!! And yes, Jen, you have a very lovely voice, no argument here whatsoever!! :o) It's also really sad when you are so BAD that they actually give you a record contract like that little Asian dude from a while ago!! And don't get me started on the girls that get record contracts just because they have a nice figure and someone to computer enhance their voices!! Aaaaaah! It is seriously a musicians' nightmare!! I'm so glad you wrote this because Andy and I completely feel the same way you do!! In fact, that is the whole reason Andy joined the Army to be in the band! He knew there was no possible way he could "make it" in the music business and he didn't want to do the bar band thing for the rest of his life! That certainly doesn't give you benefits and a retirement plan!! He was realistic. I just wish some of these other morons could get a clue!!

Whew! I went on a tangent there! Sorry about that. I feel much better now, though!! Thanks for that! Later, girl!

Love ya,


WOW! Thanks for the laugh!
You home today?


Jen, I totally agree with everything that you wrote. Bravo! Mark and I are both singers and he's a guitar player. We have a very good ear and seriously laugh our rears off when we watch A/I. Not just because these people CANNOT sing, but because they honestly think that they CAN. It's insane!

That was a great read and you explained it all very well. Have a great weekend girl!

Take care,
JenniferD. :0)

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