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December 13, 2004



let me think for a day or two :) CONGRATS!


I'm really looking forward to your answers. I'm with Kelly - let me think up some Q's.


Ohh - how exciting! I've completely fallen off the side of the earth and missed out on the past couple of these things. goes!!

How long have you been married?

How many blogger friends have you met IRL?

What is your dream vacation?

(Because I can't remember...) What photo editing program do you use? lol

Are you ready for Christmas? How did it get to be only 12 freaking days away???

Have you ever entered Jake into cutest baby contest? Dude - he would totally kick ass! :)

Sandi P.

Here are my questions!

What's your dream date?

Will you encourage the Jakester to learn to play the piano?

How old will Jake need to be before you let him begin dating?

Jen A

Ok, my questions:

What do you miss most about Montana? Least?

What is your favorite breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, and drink?

How do you picture your life in 10 years?

Oh, BTW, you forgot that Cheri has been MOTW. :-)


OK, I've thought of some questions!

If you could go back in time, which phase of your life would you like to relive?

Can you please show us your all-time favourite scrapbooking page?

What is your impression of the lifestyle here in Australia?

What do you miss about being pregnant?

What sorts of things are you doing to make Christmas a special time for Jake?


If you would have majored in something else during college, what would it have been?

If you could live anywhere in the world and take your loved ones with you, where would you live?

What is your fave holiday and season and why?

What are your fave boy names and girl names?

All the other questions, I had in mind, are taken now :( :) Take care girl!


You know this is going to be about pictures right? LOL
1.) What is the BEST picture you took and why? ( Feel free to show the pictures.)

2.) Do you think you would ever make a tutorial about some ediditng tricks? ;)

3.) How much time a week do you spend tkaing pictures, fixing pictures etc?

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