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December 28, 2004



CUTE! You're so good, girl. :)



Those pages are GREAT! I Love that picture of you and Jake blowing bubbles, it's awesome.

I can't wait to hear more about your Christmas.



So cool! You have done a great job!
Yes, my SBing supplies are cool and yet, not much time. I really need to put myself on a schedule and just do it!
thanks for sharing!!


you are amazing....I wish that we lived close enough so you could motivate me to keep caught up on my scrapbooking. I'm so uninspired lately. Your pages are great! I absolutely love the picture of you and Jake blowing bubbles.

(and thanks again for editing my xmas photo...we got many great comments on it)

Pink Stuff!!!!

The scrapbook layout is great! You are way too kind about me being fun. I am just a normal person who enjoys normal activities, like wearing pink wigs, and majorette boots and body glitter, while my live in 'Hottie' Harlin cooks gormet meals for me and serenades me by singing Beatles songs and playing his guitar. Now perhaps it is the queenly wave or the crazy feet pix that are misleading. You will find that spending time with Harlin & me will be dull, dull, dull, so please adjust your expectations accordlingly.

Have a wunnerful evening as Harlin (that's a mixture of Honey and Darlin') go out on the town. BTW, I am really his groupie.

Love Ya Sis! Can't wait to take lots of pix (high definition of course!) of you and Jake. Mwaaa-aahh!!!


AWESOME! Cara will love that page!
Love ya!

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