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December 17, 2004



How about me?! just kidding.

Question#1. What was your most memorable memory of Colstrip, Montana?

#2-What is your Worst Memory of Colstrip, Montana?

#3-What would you like to have Jake always remember as he grows up?

#4-What is your most embarrassing moment ever?

That should start things off!

Oh, I met someone who lived in Colstrip, MT for a few years, until she was 7, last night at Kens' work party! How is that for things? I have forgotten her name :( But I just about fell over! Everyone at our table did! Small world!


Okay.. Who is this person?? Do I know her!? Please tell me!


Jen: I enjoyed reading your answers! :)


I loved reading your responses Jen, thanks for including all the pics too. And OF COURSE you will be staying at my house when you visit Australia!

How did Christmas with Lou's family and the open house go?? I bet Jake is just SO excited by now :)


I loved your answers! The pics made it even better! Good job girl!
Thank you for sharing all of that with us! Your a doll in all those pics btw!

Jen A

Oh man, I'm gonna have to dig out some of my junior high/early high school pics, b/c we looked SO much alike, right down to the big glasses! Hehehe. And you and I want to visit all the same places! Let me know when we're going! ;-)

hohgaku (eric leatha)

You hit the nail on the head with regards to nostalgia for our small town childhoods. I was interned in colstrip from 80-84 (10-14 yrs old) and thought it was the best place in the world.
Then I got older and mythologized it.
Then I went back to visit.
It was only beautiful in my head and as we all know, you can't live there.
Great blog, thank you for the authenticity and holding up the mirror.

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