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November 16, 2004



Your pictures are so cute! What a great idea of the black fabric hanging! I too love taking pictures. I'm stuck in Anne Geddes mode though, I make my son roll around in rose pedals and sit on pumpkins all the time.
Keep taking lots of those great pictures!


Your pics are awesome. And Jake just wouldn't be Jake without that cheeky little grin, I love it! Aren't Elauna and Aowyn just the prettiest little girls you've ever seen?


Great pictures!

Pink Stuff!!!!

Hey there! Let's open a studio together. I just love taking pix of kids, but also like stills and geometrics.

When I was in Orlando visiting Mike & Angela, we went to Sears to take Nathan's pix. Mike was so funny, he said hurry up Mom, there's no one in here now - you can take Nathan's pix. I do declare, that boy is lookin' to get me put in jail for unauthorized use of Sears Photography studio!

Great job on the photos. I did Chris' graduation pix with a huge piece of black satin hung from the sliding glass door.

See Ya Later!


Beautiful pics with beautiful subjects as well! :):)


Hey girl!
I keep trying to e-mail you, but it has been sent back to me several times! Arrggg-
OKay, so I have been talking about buying fabric and taking pics of the kids for about a month now. Today, I am finally going to do it with some extra $ I had saved up for a rainy day. I am thinking of getting just one black and one white sheet. Then I will have the basics for a back ground. My question for you is this-- I was thinking of putting the kids all in a dark turtle neck and jeans. Then switching them all to a white turtle neck for another shot. The shot I want for the christmas card is a set up like your family picture on your blog. I just want the kids from chest up. I want to then make the picture black and white. DOyou have any suggestions. Obviously, I will use the opposite color back grounds---( white turtle neck-- black back ground)but do you have any other tips? I plan to do this all this afternoon-- the kids get out of shcool. I will e-mail the pictures to you and you tell me what you think. Can you e-mail me-- so I can just reply to your e-mail addy becasue I am having such a hard time getting the e-mail addy I have to go through?
Thanks a ton! I look forward to talking to you all about photography.


DUH!!!! I forgot to mention-- I LOVE the pictures you took!!! :)

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