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November 10, 2004



You should be PROUD JEN! JAKE ROCKS! I mean that! I would love to meet him someday! In my opinion he is way more than average! Seriously girl. I LOVED the end of your entry! SO RIGHT ON! Nathan LOVES to be silly but he also happens to love to learn. I definetly dont push him in the things he knows, he wants me to do letters and numbers with him, I guess thats his personality.... Loved this entry as always...... JAKE IS VERY SMART AND TALENTED! I can guarantee you one thing, he EXCELS in a lot of areas..... He will probably grow up to be class president or something!
With love~
PS THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for posting on me and Jens blogs about us meeting, means more to me than you know!


GREAT PICS BTW, those big brown eyes of his get me everytime!


thank you for your compliments, Kel. I think you're the head of Jake's fan club. ;o) You rock, sista.



Just had to let you know that I put pics of the girls up when they weren't so happy.

Great post by the way - you should be so proud of Jake! He is so lucky to have a mom like you. I love the pics too! :)

Pink Stuff!!!!

Jen, One thing is fershure.... you have an wonderful way with words. You have arrived at a place that some never even thought of looking up on mapquest. Acceptance. Jake is an awesome kid and you celebrate him! You are able to be happy for others who may excel in areas that you do not. Accpetance is also very calming because you no longer have to compete, just focus on the important people in your life, treat everyone with respect and life will reward you richly.

Jake is lucky to have you for a mother. I am proud of you and your conscious dedication to being a good mother, wife, friend, etc......

Love Ya Sis, Pink Stuff!!!!


You're doing a damn fine job as a mother, girl! I truly admire you. Jake is beautiful and clever and funny and a credit to you :)

Nicholas Anti

excellent post, but it's very difficult to not be comeptitive, vicariously.


I love your comments. I think parents get too caught up in wanting their children to be 'superior' and forget their children need to be JUST children!


But, let's not forget that Dylan is 3.5 and knows, oh, let's see... NO letters. They're all different, girl. But, it's all good! Jake sure is a cutie!


Averae is good for me as well.I'm more concerned with well adjusted.

Sandi P.

You sure got me to thinking Jen! I do feel like that sometimes I "expect" too much from Zack. Maybe he feels we, as his parents, are putting too much pressure on him to excel.

I will have to ponder on this for awhile.

Loved your entry!


Well--- he is not an average kid when it come to looks ;) He is sooo adorable Jen!Those brown eyes are going to stop a lot of people in thier tracks! Or they probably already do! ;)

I am taking some pictures of my kids today and I am sure I will be coming to you for some help! ;) I want to use them for Christmas pictures so they have to be perfect!!!
Oh and I posted to you on my blog for a little help with a button! ;)


You've figured out stuff it took me three kids to learn!

Moo, Baa, La La La was my oldest son's favorite book, too. When we'd ask him what does a pig say he'd say "la la la" and laugh hysterically!

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