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October 14, 2004



Thats really special that he has a buddy, the only real buddy Nathan has right now is Austin.... we are hoping to change that now that we are living near family and friends. Tomorrow morning my cousins 3 yr old daughter, Averi is coming over to play with Nathan, it should be interesting watching all these kids at once...... I may just go totally crazy !!!!!!!!!! ;)

P.S. Dont you worry about Jake, he is VERY SMART!!!!! Before you know it, he may start passing Ryan up in vocabulary, it can happen overnight....


awww, that is GREAT he has a friend!!! And don't worry about the speech - for boys, it pops up overnight sometimes or later on. It is just wonderful he cares about another friend!

Jen, I look up to you so much. You are doing a GREAT job as a mom. Never forget that!!!!! Jake is very blessed.

And thanks for the sweet comments about me "being brave" and coming out in my political views from last night. I guess I'll reply to ya here. I've been undecided, and it could change back...but for now...I'm sticking by Bush as of yesterday. I know I'm in the minority here in blog world. I'm with you...I really like what Kerry says - I just think this is such a political party election - not just about the men. Kerry has aligned with Bush so much in the past, now the party is scrambling and he has new things to say, and new spins on the old, and new plans from his past records (at least in my humble opinion.) It is almost like he is a more eloquent speaking Bush LOL. The Democrats really need another, more powerful personality with his/her own real Clinton (for the record: great politician...horrible family man lol). The Demo's need a much stronger candidate to sway me...and another message about life - that really got to me last night. I can't deny my desire for life. There is far too much death right now with the war and a shortage of adoptions.

If I had my honest choice...I'd be like George Washington who was always against the party system stating it would divide our country. Hmmmmm I can see his wisdom in 2004. Give me a Federalist any day, J/K. I CAN promise, my students will never know, and have never known, my views or whom I'll vote for. I talk about both candidates and their good ideas and trick my kids and make them question all the time. It is too important for people to make their OWN, informed choice - not who their parents or friends vote for. Voting is what matters.

But I thank you Jen, for making me feel good. I was a bit nervous. I never tell ANYONE!!! Sorry to bring this up here...I just wanted to thank you, and I always take too long on my own blog with replying to comments!!! :)You like Kerry - and that ROCKS, I'm glad you can speak out too!!!

Jen, I say again, I admire you so much. You are doing a great job in every area!!!!

Love ya!


Kelly: if we lived in the same area, our boys would be best buds, no doubt about it! (Because you and I would always be hanging out!) Now that you are home, you can hang out with old friends and find a church family you can be a part of, and soon you'll be like me and not be able to squeeze in enough time with all of your friends in a given month! And have I mentioned how much I love you for always commenting on every post?!

Becca: it's very rare that someone tells me they admire me, so I take that as an enormous compliment! And as for politics -- I will be so glad when this is all just over. I'm probably voting next week -- my county has early voting. I didn't vote in the last election, even though I was 21, and I have deeply regretted it. My state was overwhelmingly Bush anyway so I wouldn't have made much of a difference, but I still feel like I should have voted. I watched a special on NPT last night about Bush and Kerry's histories -- it was non-partisian, just like a documentary, with good AND things to say about both of them -- and the more I learn, the more I really like Kerry and the more I dislike Bush. Last night, though, Priscilla and I were talking and she said "You're not really going to vote for him, are you?" (She's extremely conservative in almost every way.) I said "Yes, I am." She just looked at me and said "I don't think we should talk about politics." Yeah, probably not. We still love each other, we're just polar opposites in so many ways! But being a friend is more than agreeing with someone's political or religious views, and we both know that.

It's wonderful that you can keep your students thinking for themselves and not let them know what you think or be influenced by it. I read a quote the other day that said "education is taking an empty mind and turning it into an open mind." That's so true -- we're not trying to teach children to believe what we believe, but to really think hard about what they do believe, and why.

Anyway, Becca, thank you so much for the long comment -- have I mentioned how much I LOVE comments? Talk to you later.


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