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October 13, 2004



Hey Jen! Thanks for the shout out! He does look like Nathan! I take it as a compliment that you think they resemble each other because I have ALWAYS thought Jake was a little hottie! ;) Love the big brown eyes and cheeks! I hope to post new pics of the boys in the next week, we have 4 rolls to get developed :)


just saw your sad mood, anything you want to talk about ? thinking of ya!


hey Kel --
you are so sweet. It's just a lot of little things. Talking to an old friend and he told me about how excited he was when he found out his wife was pregnant, and how much they want another baby now (their son is Jake's age.) I don't think I'm ever going to get over my disappointment of Lou not wanting Jake initially and now refusing to entertain the thought of another child. My mom is bothering me, because although she's great with Jake she is so judgemental toward me and never notices anything I do that's good, just dwells on the bad stuff. I'm never good enough for her -- even as a straight A student in high school who did EVERYTHING right and was always performing musically thus getting HER attention. Still not good enough. And she's cliquish with my sister -- last night they went to dinner without me and they always do that. AND she did it when she was supposed to be watching Jake while I was teaching a piano lesson and he ended up screaming the whole lesson and ruined it. They always go to dinners, go to movies, go shopping -- after I left for college it was just the two of them at home so that's what they got used to doing. So they're forever running off without me and saying "that's just 'our thing.'" Whatever. My job annoys me because I feel very under-appreciated (I have almost doubled my job responsibilities in the last 2.5 years and have recieved no compensation for all the extras I've taken on) but I don't know what else I want to do.

So basically I'm being a big fat whiner and feeling sorry for myself but I'm just so frustrated with EVERYTHING. Ok. I'm done now. Thank you for caring, hon.



It's totally the age.But,I gotta tell you.The three's were way worse to me.


{{{{{HUGS}}} Love you Jen!! Loved your post and pics, and then just read your comment to Kelly.

Love you so much, and I hear you on the mom mom too!!!! If you ever need to talk...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

I know she loves you, loves your son and family. Also, I hope your DH changes his mind about another child. We're waiting too though till our 2nd. I'd love to be a SAHM first.

Love you so much, and I'm right there with ya!!!!


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