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October 22, 2004



What a really cool idea! I wish we had done that before my Grandmother died! Paul had to do a family tree in Middle school a few years ago. We had pictures, but without names. I called my Aunts and Uncles, including parents, to pressure them into telling us some stories since he had to have a story tidbit for each picture. We were able to go back about 6 generations and learned soo much! Paul earned an A+ and We saved the posterboard so we could put it on a better mat to frame.
Great job! Thanks for some ideas!


How wonderful that you are capturing the family memories - that is invaluable. I have so many pictures, and no idea who the poeple are or when they were taken. Jake will thank you for this when he is older!!

I love all your blog buttons - we have the same politics!!!

Great site, your Jake is beautiful.

aka Corporate Mommy

Jen A--Evelyn's Mommy

What an amazing idea. I don't know how you find the time to do all that--I'm a bit jealous. What photo editing program do you use? We need to get one pronto. I've fallen so far behind on E's webpage.


Shelly -- that project sounds awesome!
Elizabeth -- thanks! I sometimes wonder a bit about my stickers, but then I think HEY it's my blog!!! ;o) and thanks for the compliment on Jake -- I think he's gorgeous, but I know it's a mama thing, so I always like hearing it from others.

JenA -- I use Sierra Instant Photo Expert, which is actually old, outdated, and not entirely compatable with Windows XP (which is really the operating system you want to use when you're dealing with photos, because you can see thumbnails of the pictures in the folders.) I have to control/alt/delete a lot just to move foward in the program, and I don't even know if you can BUY it anymore! What I'm hoping to get, though, is Adobe Photo Shop Elements, which costs about $100 and has everything you could possibly want to do (and more). I've heard it has a slight learning curve, but hey, you and I are genuises (borderline anyway!) so it wouldn't be too big of a problem!!! ha ha! I hope you find something you will like. The biggest thing about editing photos is you need to be able to adjust both thier SIZE and their DPI. A 8x10 photo at 300 dpi is MUCH different than an 8x10 photo at 100 dpi. You want 300 for printing (if possible) and never more than 100 for web posting. but we can talk about that later if you want more advice. ;o)



Hey Jen -

Love the pics. My husband is in the process of scanning all my parents' pics - what a job!!! He's already scanned his parents' pics. We're 'picture people' also.

Just curious, what church do you go to? When we got our church pic back, I also thought I looked old - LOL!! Hello, oil of olay.

Have a great weekend.


AWESOME IDEA GIRL!!!!!!!!! We have a lot of this kind of stuff to do around here, I need to pry myself off of this darn computer and get busy!
With love~


Hey Jen!

Great pages. You always do great work and have such great ideas!!!
I'm still behind on Rachael's baby book, how will I have time to keep up with this effort?

Great job! And one day, it would nice to try to arrange a blog meeting again. I bet Jake and Rachael would be a cute couple if Baby Jay would approve lol.


Sandi P.

Ok now I'm jealous ;-)! You haven't posted on my blog party post and you have to all the other 3. Just kidding girl!

Have a great week!

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