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October 12, 2004



Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!



wait, no, it's not my birthday. I was unclear in my post -- I changed it. I meant I'm 25 right now, not just now today. heh. you are sweet, tho!!!



((Jen)) Jake is sooooooooo damn cute, I hear ya on being crazy, there are many days that I think I cant do it anymore.... here for you girl!!! The pics of Jake are great!

RockStar Mommy

I'm 23, 24 in January (Yay Capricorns!) and you're totally right - the passage of time still baffles me when I sit down to think about it. And it goes just so damn fast. You sneeze and it's like they're grown up already. My daughter is 20 months old & I just don't know where the time has gone!!
But, your son is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm so glad to see that my kid isn't the only one that has a thing for ripping all her diapers out in the middle of the living room floor!!! :) And seriously, on your couch, is that a Care Bears pillow case? If so, we have the same exact one :)


Kelly: I love you and I really needed to hear from someone today that it's normal to get frustrated with the kiddo's! Thank you, hon. I can always depend on you!!!

RockStar Mommy: thanks for coming by!!! That's a Winnie the Pooh pillow case, but I totally used to love the Care Bears. I wanted the Care Bear castle toy so bad when I was little and my mom would never buy it for me -- I'm still a little mad about it!!! Thank you for saying my son is gorgeous -- I think he's cute, but he also looks like me so really I'm just being narcissistic!

Talk to you both later!



Hey Jen -

If I had a blog, this could be my entry exactly!!! Kyle sounds alot like Jake. Kyle will put up his stuff if we're going bye bye. I sense he has the same OCD issues I have LOL!!! I'm a total neat freak. My mom tells me just let him play (not be destructive of course) & clean it up before going to bed. I do try to do that, but how many toys can they play with at one time? You'd be surprised, no you wouldn't!! ha ha ha.

Enjoy your 'youngness'!! I'll be 32 in Jan. - talk about time going by fast!

Like I've been telling many people lately, this too shall pass (and too quickly - sad).


Hey girl, I so understand how you feel about these little 2 year old whirlwinds who turn our houses upside down in less than 10 minutes. I am always stepping over blocks, Little People, pieces of cardboard that intrigue Ryan more than a pricey toy, and various other crap all over the floor! It DOES stress me but I try to ignore as much as possible and do a big clean-up when he takes a nap and then the final one at night with Ryan helping me (if I'm lucky). I SO wish we had another 'family' room to keep all the toys and junk in! We even have a big ladybug tent in the living area, full of balls of various sizes....I can't wait to move that thing, preferably outside this summer.

I love all the stickers underneath Jake's highchair and the pic of Jake in the toy box - how cute is that??!! Ryan does exactly the same thing after up-ending all the toys...he calls his toy box his 'car'.

I'm with ya, girl :)

Sandi P.

Hi Jen,
These are some wonderful pics of Jake -- everyone is right -- he is a beautiful child! His big brown eyes remind me of Zack when he was little. I'll have to pull out some old pics, scan them and show my "beautiful boys" off when they were babies!

And btw...believe me, it doesn't get any easier, hon! ;-)


My advice would be what you know already: choose your battles. An independent player sounds like a dream to some but I know what you mean about TOO much independence. It's a fine balance. Maybe resolve to check on him and clean up every 1/2 hour or so????

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