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September 09, 2004



My heart always breaks when I hear about another soldier dieing. They sacrifice so much for us. My thoughts will be with Aaron and his family and friends. God Bless America.
With love~


I'm so sorry Jen :( That is a tragedy. The whole situation in Iraq is a senseless, horrible tragedy.

Thinking of you



Oh how much heartbreak there is everywhere. I am so sorry for these families.


So sorry about your friend.


I am so sorry to hear about your friend!

Jen A--Evelyn's Mommy

I'm so sorry, Jen.


I went to high school with Aaron in Glasgow. He truly was an exceptional man.


I will pray for Aaron and i will pray that that senseless killing in Iraq will stop asap.We germans never supported that war.I have been in your beautiful state of Montana and i wish Aaron could still enjoy that peacful landscape.


My name is Gayla Holleyman, and I am Aaron's wife. I remember when three dress greens came to my door. Aaron was killed the day before my daughter's birthday. He was her stepfather, but the only father she ever knew. My teenage son was hurt tremendously. It affected his school work, as he tried to come to grips with what had happened. We had three children together....Shelby, who is now 3, Zachary who is 2, and Erin who is 6. We miss him, and wish that this had never happened. Sometimes it feels as if it's a bad that we will eventually awake from, but never do. He believed so much in what they were doing, that he volunteered to go back in July, even though he did not have to, due to a perferrated eardrum he sustained from the first trip. He was our hero, and he will always be remembered....never fallen soldier.

Gayla Holleyman

Mike Murieen

My name is TSgt Mike Murieen, I am active-duty USAF. I went to school in Glasgow & went to the Holleymans church for awhile. So I knew Aaron & Kelly a bit, having been to Iraq with the Army myself this still hits home. I always remember Aaron as such a stand-up guy. I was stationed in South Korea when Aaron was killed and remember not being able to believe it. I know this happened in 2004, but I believe we can never forget American heroes; especially one as special as Aaron. I don't know if anyone will ever read this but I just wanted to extend my deepest sympathy to all of Aarons family and friends. There are those of us that will never forget the ultimate sacrifice your son/brother/husband/father & friend made for the greater good of the United States and fellow brothers & sisters in arms.

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