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September 28, 2004


Pink Stuff!!!!

I do cherish growing up with Dad. He was always the voice of reason, as well as my encouragement to always do my very best at everything.

I remember writing a poem for him when I was in high school and somewhere, somehow it was misplaced. It was basically saying how he had come from a very poor childhood, but managed to rise above it all. I felt my childhood was very ordinary in many ways. We never wanted for anything, but wanted much. Looking back, we had more than was necessary to have a comfortable life, and much much more than Dad ever dreamed of having. Or was that his dream and did he make it come true for us?

He is wiser than many and much more sensitive than most will ever know. Our relationship now is almost that of sister / brother rather than Father / Daughter, in fact he calls me 'Sis.' He is my friend, always encouraging me, challenging me and loving me. Upon reflection, I see him in me.... as I strive to be a friend to my boys, Angela and Nathan. Unconditional love, encouraging and challenging. He is a teacher and mentor to many, including you. Listen well, for he has many life lessons to pass on.

Love Ya Dahlin',
Pink Stuff!!! (aka Sheri)


ok, Sheri, you made me cry. Thanks so much for taking time to write that! It was great to talk to you on the phone last night -- I'm so lucky to have such a great big sister!!! Love you.



Okay so I haven't met dad yet. When we met mom your dad hadn't moved here yet. Maybe if Ella and I come over on Monday??



Oh yes, it is quite clear where yours and Jake's big brown eyes came from! Your dad looks great for 71, Jen. My dad is the same, heaps of energy to chase after Ryan, loves playing with him and just being 'mates' together. Dad is 69 in Dec but looks and acts a LOT younger.

That was a lovely post :)


What a beautiful and special tribute, Jen. Thanks for sharing it with us!


*sniff* What a Beautiful post about your father. I am in tears wishing I had that with my dad. :(


beautiful jen! miss ya

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