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  • Elkonin boxes - work with CVC words to identify consonants and medial vowels, and learn to sound out words! Includes picture cards and movable alphabet, plus some bonus activities.

    Blank Board Games - customize these games to any content you need to teach! These file folder games are perfect for preschool and elementary schoolers. Includes editable playing cards in JPEG and PDF format.

    Rhyming Games - learning to hear rhymes and manipulate words is a cornerstone skill for early literacy. This 10-part set includes posters, bookmarks, worksheets, various games, and a file folder game with accompanying rhyming dictionary.

    Reading Practice Sentences - do you have students who are struggling with sight word acquisition? Have them spend some time with these file folder games and those sight words will be mastered in no time. 3 different groups available.

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Jen, One thing that helps children who are poor readers is reading to the family dog! The dog doesn't correct them, or get distracted or bored, or have better things to do. If a family dog isn't available, another dog will do almost as well.

Jen Strange

ok, that idea is awesome :)

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  • shout-out to the best place for handwriting fonts on the net:
    I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!