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  • Welcome to Digi Scrapin' with Jen! Practical Advice for the {new} Digital Scrapbooker (and some tips and links for the experienced ones, too!)
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Hi Jen, nice site, and I look forward to seeing all of it come to fruition.

Thank you Jen for a great site! Looking forward to spending alot of time here and directing newbies here too..Great Job...nanaz

WOW- you did an AMAZING job Jen!!! Great blog! Soooooooooo much info that will help a lot of people!

hey jen... GREAT site!!!! Good job.. I will be here often :)

what a great idea! thanks so much for putting together the designer list!!

WOW! Awesome site, Jen! :o)

Great site Jen! Thanks so much for starting this!

WOW!!! What a great resource for all scrappers! Absolutely outstanding job!!!

What a great resource for digi scrappers and those wanting to get into it! :)

CONGRATS on the shout out from SP!!! I know how thrilled that had to have made you! I commented to her about you! ;0)

Thanks for starting this up. A wonderful idea, I can't wait to go through everything!

congrats again Jen - really looking forward to learning from you through this fantastic resource you've created. thankyou!

Wow ! What a job ! Thanks for that ! :-)


I may be tempted to pass myself off as 'Jen's sister' some times instead of 'Mike and Chris's Mom'! This rocks. Now let's see if you can teach this old dog some tricks.

Love Ya'

Wow Jen!

What an amazing resource you have here! Thank you so much! :) I will definately be visiting often!!

~ Dani

I'm looking forward to checking out your blog. I use PSP 8.0 but I'm sure I can adapt. Thanks for putting together such a great resource.

This looks like it's going to be a valuable resource for digi scrappers at all levels! I look forward to watching this resource grow!

What a WONDERFUL site this is! I just started to digi-scrap (only done 2 LO!) and what a great thing you are doing with this website for us newbies! It is so overwhelming when you start something new...then along comes someone like you who so graciously shares her info for the greater good!! thanks Jen!

Great job, Jen. I am so proud to call you my friend. Although I have absolutely no talent in scrapping, digital or otherwise, I'll be visiting your site often, hoping something will "pop" out at me to get me to attempt to do it.

Good luck on your digital scrapping endeavors!

Great site! Where do you find the time? Do you sleep? ;)


Beautiful & well done. I *love* the LO with the Margaret Atwood quote.

Hi again. I've been here about 5x today...

Thanks for making this look sooooooooooooo easy!!! :) LOL I love your site!!! :)

Awesome! You're doing an amazing job!! Great resources. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hi Jen,

I got here from 2peas :) Thanks for sharing what you know with us newbies. You are so wonderful :)

Thank you!!!


yay Jen - i just got here through your new woo hoo no holdin you back girl. i love it and congrats on the taking the next step where ever that may lead.

I just might want to be Jen when I grow up!!


Jen what a great site. I don't use photoshop but everyone starting to scrap can get something from here. Thanks

Awesome site!!!!

A fantastic blog, thank you for so generously sharing your expertice!


Hi: Thanks for sharing! Nice site with great infos!!!

I just love your site! Thank You for sharing all helpful information about scrapbooking!

Jen, hello!

You've been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Pick up your award at my blog, and pass it on to five other rockin' girl bloggers you know.


Nice Post :D
Thanks for sharing..

Biju Subhash

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