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HTML for links (a href)

So you're figured out how to add a picture to a Typelist.  We're halfway there!  Sometimes when you add a picture or graphic to a Typelist, you want to use it as a button to get you somewhere else.  This just takes a LITTLE basic HTML.

After you have inserted the code for the graphic (which should look like this -- I'm using the "Be Yourself" layout as an example since that's what I used for the last tutorial):


You just need to put "a href" tags around it. In FRONT of your graphic code, type <a href=" and then copy and paste the web address you want the graphic to link to. The web address HAS to be in quotations!!! Then close out this part of the tag with "> .

Now we have to put a closer after the graphic code to show the computer which picture it is we want linked.  This is simply </a>

Ok, so in the following, the web addresses are listed in black, the graphic code is listed in red, and the link code is blue. (This is the code to my "Be Yourself" layout. The "TwoPeas" address is the page the link will take you to, the "jenjen.typepad" address is the location of the sticker.)


Now go try it!  ;o)


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